My Bag and Me

511trxwjl_sl500_aa240_.jpgBringing reusable bags to the grocery store is a great way to reduce waste and keep plastic bags out of our landfills. Not only that, but bringing your own bag is just an ultra-hip thing to do; at least we think so! Now there’s a great new board book available to help teach young children about the importance of toting reusable shopping bags – My Bag and Me by Karen Farmer. This adorable board book is shaped like — you guessed it! — a reusable bag and there’s even a kid-sized shopping tote inside the book! But the best part is the simple message it imparts — bring a bag to the store and you’ll be helping to save the planet. It’s a great message for kids to hear early and often so that as they grow older, bringing their own reusable bags will be second nature to them, which is really cool. But can you imagine telling your grandchildren about the olden days when we all just threw bags in the trash? So not cool!

Find It Here:

Congratulations to Jennifer H., Jamie V., Priscilla, Lindsie and Ann, winners of a copy of My Bag and Me!