Music to My Ears

musicgreenplanet-cover.jpgHigh in the branches of rainforest trees/Sleep baby iguanas and small chimpanzees/If acres of forests are cut down each day/Where will these animals eat sleep and play?

So goes my favorite jazz tune, Rock-a-bye Rainforest, from the newly released CD, Music for a Green Planet. Produced by Hayes Greenfield, composer, vocalist, saxophonist, and acclaimed New York City jazz artist, Music for a Green Planet takes traditional children’s tunes, jazzes them up, and incorporates green messages into the lyrics. Perfect for green-minded parents and their children, this CD is sure to inspire little ones to love the Earth, while parents will appreciate the (non-annoying!) adaptation of well-known children’s melodies.

Find It Here: Music for a Green Planet

Congratulations to Joe S. and Mike B., winners of a Music for a Green Planet CD!