Can One Fall in Love with a Bib? We Think So.

bibs.jpgEver since I heard that vinyl bibs contain lead, I’ve been backing off the plasticky bibs and going for cloth. Cloth bibs tend to be much easier on the eyes anyway. One of my favorites are these 100% organic cotton, soft terrycloth bibs by La Queue du Chat (aka The Cat’s Tail). We love this French company for their bib designs, but we love them even more for their commitment to fair-trade practices. Their bibs are manufactured in an Indian factory that works exclusively with organic cotton. Female workers make equal pay to their male counterparts (no children are employed), and all workers receive higher-than-average wages, a yearly bonus of one month’s pay, medical insurance, and free access to a doctor and a pharmacy for themselves and their families. Working conditions are safe and clean. But wait, there’s more! They even send a collection of their baby clothes to charities that provide assistance to homeless mothers. Wow. Suffice it to say that we’re hooked on them.

Find It Here: Comptoir d’Enfance

Congratulations to Debbie, winner of a fair-trade, organic cotton bib by La Queue du Chat, courtesy of Comptoir d’Enfance.