Whole Foods: They Do a Body Good

wbpodcastlogo.jpgIf I had limitless free time, I think I would spend at least a third of it in my favorite natural foods store – Whole Foods. I could easily spend hours perusing their aisles. So when I heard that Whole Foods has started a free podcast series that’s all about natural body care, I thought “Cool! Sign me up!” The Be Good to Your Whole Body podcast features experts who discuss topics like healing herbs, natural personal care, and homeopathic remedies for colds and flus. Their latest podcast focuses on natural approaches to dealing with allergies, a very timely topic now that Spring has sprung. Each podcast is under 10 minutes long, which is the perfect amount of information for busy parents looking for some quick and helpful tips from experts in natural health. So do your body a favor and check it out!

Find It Here: Be Good To Your Whole Body Podcast