Earth Day 2008 ~ Get Your Green On!

21386.jpgHappy Earth Day! We’re so glad you decided to stop by because we’ve got lots of earthy Earth Day things for your consideration — like you don’t already have enough to do, right? But seriously, here at Green Mom Finds, we really do try to make every day a good day for the earth so rather than doing something really over the top, we decided the greenest thing we could do is give you even more ways to help our planet and even take some action if you’re feeling extra feisty!

ecocho.pngOne of the coolest things we’ve recently come across is Ecocho, a search engine portal that allows you to use Yahoo to conduct your internet searches and in return for using their portal, they plant trees! More specifically, for every 1000 searches users make on Ecocho they’ll “offset” up to a ton of greenhouse gases by sponsoring two trees via the advertising on the site. They even have a cool search toolbar that you can install right in your Firefox or IE browser so using Ecocho is extra easy peasy. You can read more details about this fabulous and free service here.

(Google was participating in this undertaking but after a week, they decided to disallow Ecocho to use their search technology. *making my grumpy face at Google* Whatevs… You can still use Yahoo, also a very fine search engine, and do mucho goodo at the same time.)

Find It Here: Ecocho


Want to really make a statement? Pick up your phone and make an Earth Day Call for Climate. It will take just few minutes but if everyone does it, the impact will be staggering. And then? Take a moment to sign this Earth Day Network Sky Petition and let Congress know that we cannot wait any longer for stronger and bolder action against climate change; that they must act NOW. Your great grandchildren will thank you 🙂

Find It Here: Earth Day Network
pesticidefreezone_medium.JPGIf you have decided to forgo putting pesticides on your lawn (much safer for kids, pets, water supply and wildlife!) let the world know by planting this cool Pesticide-Free Zone sign in your yard. With the sign you will receive a Pesticide-Free Zone Owners Manual that gives you tips on what it means to be pesticide-free and how to talk to your neighbors and others about pesticides. Imagine the thrill of being a trailblazer! An influencer! A trendsetter! Or even better — that warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from doing something good.

Find It Here: National Coalition for Pesticide Free Lawns

And finally, a fun Earth Day photo contest put on by our friends over at BlogHers ACT Canada. Take a photo of your child gardening or doing something gardenish, submit it and you’ll be entered to win one of two copies of Whole World. Printed on forest-friendly paper, this beautifully illustrated, full-color hard cover children’s book includes a sing-along CD featuring the music of Fred Penner and eco-tips for preserving the planet. And if it matters, Whole World was recently featured on Oprah’s O List (eco fabulous prizes provided by Green Mom Finds!)

Find It Here: BlogHers ACT Canada