SIGG-tacular! (UPDATED)


When I first found out that certain plastics can leach BPA at low levels into our food and drink, I decided it was time to find some safe, portable BPA-free drinking cups for my kids, and I did a lot of research to find the safest ones possible. If you’re looking for a reusable drinking cup for your child and you’d like to avoid plastic altogether, then you might like to try out the SIGG 0.3L water bottle. This is one of my favorite safe, reusable canteens for kids because of all the totally cool designs available, like this little fireman SIGG available from For something a little more girly, check out the little kitty SIGG design. Great on the go, SIGGs are made of aluminum and come in many designs that are sure to make your little one smile. And you’ll be smiling, too, because you won’t be worried about toxins leaching into your kid’s drink.

Find It Here:

Congratulations to Samantha S., winner of a SIGG 0.3L “little fireman” water bottle!

Editor’s Note: After our initial post, we received a reader question about the potential for SIGGs to leach BPA or aluminum from the inner lining of the canteen. With regards to aluminum, SIGG states that their canteens are safety tested to ensure 0.0% leaching. With regards to BPA, we found out that while the canteens are made of aluminum, the make-up of the inner lining is proprietary and SIGG will not tell us what it’s made of. That said, SIGG has released a statement indicating that laboratory testing “has consistently shown SIGG bottles to have no presence of lead, phthalates, Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Bysphenol A (BPA), Bysphenol B (BPB) or any other chemicals which scientists have deemed as potentially harmful.” Go to this Treehugger article for more discussion on this topic or here for the official SIGG statement on the safety of their canteens. For the record, I still like SIGGs for their cool designs and reusability and I am fairly reassured by their safety testing, but I sure wish we could find out what those liners are made of. I guess I’m just curious like that.

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