One for the Boys

040607_spa_bcol3_10astandard.jpgAdmittedly, I don’t know much about face shaving because, obviously, I don’t have manly facial hair. (Yes, I know about those two weird, wiry chin hairs that I sprouted after having kids and they totally don’t count, k?) But my husband does have manly facial hair and it’s crossed my mind on numerous occasions that putting a chemical-filled foam on his face and then shaving, which opens up pores, cannot possibly be good for him. Luckily, I found All Natural Shaving Oilâ„¢ by Pacific Shaving Company and it’s a fabulous alternative to shaving cream. Made of essential oils, All Natural Shaving Oilâ„¢ provides a consistently smooth shave, practically eliminating razor burn and nicks, plus it allows you to actually see where you’re shaving, all with no foamy mess to clean up. The 1/2 oz bottle provides up to 100 shaves and environmentally speaking, it’s totally superior because it can be recycled, unlike those big old aerosol cans. And if all that weren’t enough to send the menfolk into a I-must-have-this-right-now frenzy, Pacific Shaving Company plants a tree for every bottle purchased!

Find it Here: Pacific Shaving Company