Junk Mail Begone

GreenDimes Chances are that over your lifetime, you will spend 8 months opening junk mail. 8 months! If that’s not bad enough, junk mail sent to Americans accounts for 100 million trees and produces as much global warming emissions as 3.7 million cars, according to Forest Ethics. Want to save a few trees and save yourself weeks or months opening junk mail? For a reasonable fee, Green Dimes provides ongoing name removal from direct marketing lists for your entire household. They’ll help eliminate all those pesky credit card offers, insurance offers, sweepstakes offers, coupon mailers, and retail catalogs that you never wanted in the first place AND plant ten trees on your behalf. Ha! Take that, pesky postal spammers!

Find It Here: Green Dimes

Congratulations to Holly B., winner of a FREE ME Green Dimes membership!