Eat Your Heart Out

carrot-product.jpgThe first time I ever tasted store-bought baby food, I think my exact words were, “Ugh! Yick!” Yeah, it was pretty gross. Despite the bad first impression, I now know that not all commercial baby food tastes so yucky. In fact, I have found a brand that actually tastes so good that even I want to eat it. Certified organic by the USDA and made in the USA, Jack’s Harvest comes frozen in the cutest one-ounce heart shaped cubes, the perfect size for a baby starting out on solids. With tasty creations like “pear with a dash of cinnamon”, “more peas, please with a hint of mint”, and “lip-smacking sweet potatoes with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla,” you’ll be asking for the recipes so that you can make some for your entire family! While Jack’s Harvest is not currently available in grocery stores (yet), they will deliver in the U.S., and you can try to get your local grocer to sell it by sending in this sample letter or by asking Jack’s Harvest to contact them for you. So here’s to totally-not-yicky, absolutely yummy organic baby food – it’s about time!

Find It Here: Jack’s Harvest

Congratulations to Ruth F., winner of a $25 gift certificate to Jack’s Harvest!