Fabulous Flashbacks

bl150x150organic.gifHave you heard of BabyLegs? They’re these really cute legwarmers for babies and toddlers. You know, like in Flashdance? No, no, I’m just kidding. Sort of. See, BabyLegs do keep little legs warm BUT unlike pants or tights, they don’t cover diapers or feet and therein lies their genius — no five hundred snaps to undo for a diaper change, legs stay warm while airing out itty bitty fannies, little knees are protected when crawling but feet stay uncovered for good traction and finally, no tugging and pulling down pants for potty training. See? Genius! They come in a frillion ab fab colors and patterns for girls and boys but being that we’re your friendly internet Green Moms we are, of course, big fans of the totally not-even-remotely-eighties organic cotton BabyLegs.

Find It Here: BabyLegs

Congratulations Suzanne B., winner of a set of organic cotton BabyLegs in Pebble!

Do Good: From April 1st thru April 22nd, 10% of the sales from the BabyLegs organic line will be donated to the Nature Conservancy’s Adopt and Acre program in honor of Earth month!