Attn: Green Moms with a Green Thumb

plantnativehome-11_r3_c8.jpgAs a busy mom, I have limited time to spend beautifying my yard, but I want a beautiful yard nonetheless. Luckily, I have a solution – naturescaping! Naturescaping is the practice of using native plants to design a landscape. Plants that are native to their environment require little to no watering, fertilizing or care, and they are less likely to require pesticides because they are less susceptible to pests and disease. So while it may take me some effort to learn which plants are native to my area, the outcome will be totally worth it because I’ll have shrubs, trees, and flowers that can be maintained without chemicals or constant watering. Check out PlantNative to learn more about the art of naturescaping, and check out their native plant database to find out which plants are native to your area. Not only will your yard be beautiful and low-maintenance, but you’ll be increasing biodiversity, reducing water usage and reducing health risks associated with traditional landscaping. That’s taking green to a whole new level.

Find It Here: PlantNative