Baby Burritos Made Easy

whatis-1.jpgSwaddling is one mom skill that I never truly mastered. I would swaddle the baby and two seconds later she’d have limbs poking out all over the place. Frustrated, I would make my husband, who has a black belt in swaddling, wrap her up like a little burrito while I watched in awe. Please teach me your ways, most honorable baby swaddler. So when I set eyes upon the organic cotton Cozy Cocoon, I was all “Why didn’t I think of this?” It’s like a big stretchy sock and your baby is like the foot. Wait. No. Let me re-phrase that… Your baby wears the Cozy Cocoon like a body sock which, once on, holds their limbs close to their bodies, making them feel snug, secure and comforted with none of the jerking, twitching or startling movements that repeatedly wake them up. Plus? No snaps, buttons or yucky, scratchy Velcro like on those other weird swaddling blankets. It’s almost cool enough to make me give in to the baby fever one gets when all their friends are pregnant. I said almost.

(Note: Does contain some Lycra for stretchiness)

Find it Here: Cozy Cocoon