Arm Yourself!

yhst-92993563700112_1993_993622.jpgSure, your baby is cute. But baby spit up? Not so much. We won’t even mention those icky spots on your back or all the extra laundry you’re doing because everything you own is encrusted with spit up. You? Need a really good burp cloth! We suggest you look no further than Burp Armor which, despite it’s tough-sounding name, is both functional and eco-friendly. Why do we love it? First off, Burp Armor was created by a dad – and I think it goes without saying that we loooove dads who feed and burp babies. Secondly, Burp Armor actually stays put on your shoulder; no small feat for a regular old burp cloth. And best of all, they are committed to using organic and sustainable fabrics, recyclable packaging, and soy-based inks. Not convinced about their absolute goodness yet? They also donate 5% of all product sales to Children’s Hospital Boston. So just to summarize, Burp Armor is an eco-friendly, plush, non-toxic, dad-created burp cloth that actually stays put on your shoulder and helps a kid charity. How could we NOT love it?

Find It Here: Burp Armor

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