Yum! Is An Understatement

27.jpgWhen it comes to chocolate, I don’t usually need an excuse to eat some but now I have even more reason to indulge because I’ve found a green mom’s dream cookie company – Liz Lovely’s Online Bakery and Chocolate Shop. This socially responsible company specializes in fair-trade, non-GMO, organic, vegan chocolates, cookies, fruits, nuts and all kinds of other yummy and totally guiltless goodies. Almost every product is made from scratch in their very own bakery in Vermont. These are true artisan goods, made by real people instead of machines and free of preservatives and artificial flavorings. Their packaging is pretty darn eco-conscious, too, right down to the biodegradable ribbon and the compostable, “corn-tainers”, which biodegrade within 90 days. Check out their gift samplers, which give you a little taste of everything. As for myself, I think I see an Easter Treat-ster sampler with my name my kids’ names on it.

Find It Here: Liz Lovely

Congratulations to Julianne, winner of a $40 “Easter Treat-ster” sampler from Liz Lovely! 

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