You Cheeky Little Monkey Tree

10975-monkey-tree1-1.JPGAt this point in my parenting career, I’ve assembled what feels like hundreds thousands of puzzles with my kids and my toddler, in particular, is a big fan of that childhood staple, the wooden puzzle. We have trucks and farm animals and letters and numbers and while they’re fun and all, they really can’t touch the Monkey Tree puzzle from Little Star Creative Parties because lookie! It stands up! Our cows and sheep and dumps trucks and police cars certainly can’t do that. But even better than the cool standing-upness of it, this nifty puzzle is hand made of sustainable, plantation-grown rubberwood and hand painted with child-safe paints which means your little ones can gnaw and gum to their hearts content with absolutely no tongue-wiping involved. What? Am I the only one that does that?

Find It Here: Little Star Creative Parties

Congratulations Jennifer K., winner of a Monkey Tree puzzle, courtesy of Little Star Creative Parties!