Where the Rubber Meets the Duck

natural-rubber-duck-big.jpgIt may be yellow. It may be cute. But is that rubber ducky in the tub actually rubber? Or some icky PVC facsimile covered in lead paint? I know it’s distressing to think that even the beloved rubber duck has not escaped being tainted by cheap, greedy manufacturers but there’s good news — actual rubber duckies are not yet extinct! Crafted in Spain of sustainable latex rubber and devoid of any toxic paints or phthalates, the Natural Rubber Duck is soft and safe for babies to chew on and even gives a little squeak when squeezed. I’ve already ordered one to replace the not-rubber duck that my daughter used to love to play with before it accidentally disappeared from our bathroom. Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem.

Find it Here: Parenting by Nature