We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands

1978-06_08_07-large_cover.jpgReading books with my son is one of my favorite pastimes – especially now that I’ve found Barefoot Books’ collection of children’s books celebrating nature and the environment. Of particular note is their popular title Whole World, a brightly colored, beautifully illustrated book that focuses on inspiring young children to live green. Recently featured as one of Oprah’s faves, Whole World features eco-tips and a sing-a-long CD — plus, a portion of the sales is donated to some great environmental organizations. As a company, Barefoot Books gets extra kudos for taking a number of steps to lessen their impact on the environment, including printing their books on recycled or ancient forest-friendly paper. They’ve even got some great online resources for eco-minded kids and parents, which are completely paper-free and 100% FUN!

Find It Here: Barefoot Books

Congratulations to Pixie, Greg and Mae lucky winners of a copy of the Whole World Mini Edition!