Paper or Plastic? How ‘Bout Neither!


I have a confession to make. I have a shopping addiction, and it’s not what you might think. I’m not addicted to buying fancy purses or shoes or anything of that sort. No, I’m currently addicted to buying reusable shopping totes. One of my latest and greatest finds is ECOBAGS Classic String Market Bags. Available in both natural cotton and certified organic cotton, these versatile bags are fair-trade and great for bagging produce at the grocery store, bringing goodies home from the farmer’s market, or even toting toys to the beach. Best of all, they are saving me from amassing the heaps of disposable shopping bags that have threatened to overtake my home in the past. I am particularly fond of their long-handle and Milano style totes. Both hold up to 40lbs and compact easily to stash away in your purse when not in use. Or if you like a little color, check out the fiesta bags, which look absolutely perfect for summer. Truth be told, I want them all. That’s what happens when you’re a reusable shopping bag addict. *sigh* Anyone know a good 12-step program?

Find It Here: ECOBAGS

Congratulations Jamie, Betty, Rebecca and Emma, winners of a set of FIVE ECOBAGS® Classic String Bags™ in organic cotton fiesta colors! 

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