Got Trash? Leaves? Doggie Poop?

biobags.jpgWhen you’re hauling your trash to the curb, do you ever find yourself feeling lousy about sending yet another totally not-biodegradable-ever bag to the landfill? Yeah, me too. But now we don’t have to because BioBag has developed an alternative to the standard polyethylene/polypropylene plastic bags most of us use. You see, BioBag products are 100% biodegradable, compostible and “shelf stable.” This means you don’t have to worry that BioBags will start to break down before you use them or while you’re using them. In fact, they don’t actually decompose until they are introduced to the earth’s elements or micro-organisms in the soil. Oh, and for all you considerate poop scoopers out there, they make biodegradable dog waste bags, too, which means you no longer have to use those not-so-green plastic bags from the grocery store. Bow WOW!

Find It Here: BioBag