Healthy Child, Healthy World: The Book

healthy-child.jpgI’m always looking for ways to green my life and home, especially when it comes to cleaning. I’ve known about the impressive cleaning properties of vinegar for awhile now but was curious about alternatives to detergents, fabric softeners, furniture polish (not that I actually do much furniture polishing), Drano and Comet; the last two being the more deadly of the bunch. And what do you know — I found it all in Healthy Child, Healthy World: Creating A Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home by Christopher Gavigan. Each chapter offers tips to make each area of life a little greener: preparing for baby; safer cleaning throughout the house; choosing, cooking and storing healthier foods; natural body care; safer toys, gear and clothing and so much more, all without breaking the bank. It’s kind of like having a whole neighborhood of green moms right at your fingertips and available 24-7!

Find It Here: Healthy Child, Healthy World