Finding Safer Plastics Is Just a Click Away

zrecs.jpgMore and more evidence is emerging about the dangers of bisphenol A to human health. Yet, bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is still commonly found in plastic feeding products, including bottles, sippy cups, and pacifiers to name a few. For parents who are trying to limit their children’s exposure to this dangerous chemical, but aren’t sure which brands are safe, there is now an indispensable resource available – the Z Report on BPA in Children’s Feeding Products, Third Edition. Organized in a directory format, the report provides parents with an analysis of all bottles, cups, breast pumps, pacifiers, utensils, and tableware from more than 45 companies that sell their products in the U.S. For parents concerned about limiting their children’s exposure to BPA, this report is a must-read.

Find It Here: The Z Report on BPA in Children’s Feeding Products, Third Edition

Bonus: Now you can access the Z Report Directory by mobile phone – perfect for those times when you’re at the store and can’t remember which brands are BPA-free. Just text “zrecs” plus a company name and/or a product category to 69866. You’ll get a text back providing BPA status.