It’s Quite Dishy

dishapri.jpgA natural and non-toxic dishwashing liquid that actually works on grease, Dishmate by Earth Friendly Products contains no dyes, no artificial scents, no petroleum-based chemicals and it biodegrades quickly and completely so it’s as easy on the environment as it is on your hands. Just a small squirt of this highly concentrated dishwashing liquid is all you need to wash your dishes and, as a total bonus…it can be used to gently clean hand-washable clothes, too. Earth Friendly Products is a family-owned company that sources it’s ingredients locally, does not test on animals and won the 2003 Socially Responsible Business Award for their ethical business practices. Can the multinational conglomerates that make those heavily perfumed and synthetically colored dishwashing soaps make such a claim? We’re thinking not.

Find It Here: Earth Friendly Products