The Green Team Rulez

greenerator-white.jpgIn a recent Scholastic News online poll, kids ranked the environment as one of their top issues in the upcoming presidential elections. Wow! In response to this, Scholastic has launched ACT GREEN, a fun and educational website designed to motivate and empower kids to take action at home, in school and in their communities to help care for the environment. ACT GREEN provides kids, parents and teachers with customized green plans, expert tips, downloadable tools, inspiring green short films provided by Live Earth, and a “Greenroom” to share ideas with other kids. What’s really cool is that as kids meet the goals of their “green plans” they can track and add their points to the “Greenerator” and see immediately how their efforts have impacted the environment. I can hardly think of a better cause than getting kids engaged in caring about the environment. After all, it is their world. — we’re merely borrowing it from them.

Find it Here: Scholastic ACT GREEN

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