Do You Swango?

logo_tag.jpgSwango. It sounds like the name of some exotic dance one would learn in Argentina but actually, it’s the name of a hip online clothing swap site where everything is $.99. Here’s how it works: you upload pictures of the clothes you want to swap (which earns you credits) and then you get to use those credits to buy clothes for sale on the site. You also earn credits from selling clothes. Each item costs $.99 plus a certain number of credits and a nominal fee (avg. $1-2 per item shipping charge), but there’s no membership fee to use the site. Plus, I like that Swango reviews each item prior to posting it so you’re not going to see a bunch of worn-out, sorry-looking clothes. They’re looking for high-demand brand name clothing in good condition. They’ve even got children’s clothing which is really nice, considering how fast kids grow, but I’m heading for the women’s shoes first – I hope you don’t beat me to it!

Find It Here: Swango

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