Healthy Shmealthy

npa-777656.jpgGetting my kids to eat right isn’t easy and the battle usually starts over breakfast. Now that they’re getting older, I realize that sending them off to school on a sugar high may not be the best of compromises so this time I bought them something healthier. Guess what? They liked it even after I showed them the box. But you see, I knew that Nature’s Path organic cereals were great because I already enjoy their Flax Plus Granola and more recently the delicious Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch. Nature’s Path also offers a certified organic line of of kids’ breakfast products and they are committed to eco-friendly packaging for their products. Monday mornings are suddenly looking a whole lot better!

Find It Here: Nature’s Path

Congratulations to Kelli, Jenna, Sarah, Mary and Fan, who have each won two boxes of this cereal!

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