Kid-Safe Seafood

logo_kss.pngFor the life of me, I can never remember how much tuna is safe for my kids to eat. Nor can I ever remember whether it’s cod or tilapia that contains less toxins. Well, now, thanks to KidSafe Seafood, I can stop wondering. KidSafe Seafood’s Best Choices list, developed in consultation with scientific experts and in partnership with organizations like the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, contains the six safest fish selections for kids, plus an extensive safety analysis of almost every species of fish you can think of. For each type of fish, find out what the health concerns are (i.e., mercury, PCBs, dioxins or pesticides), find out whether there are any environmental concerns, and most importantly, find out the maximum number of times per month that a child should consume that particular fish.

Find it Here: KidSafe Seafood

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