The Gentle Germ Killer

hand_wash_sampler.jpgKeeping my toddler’s hands clean just got a little easier (and safer) thanks to CleanWell’s foaming hand wash. This non-toxic, non alcohol-based hand wash is a great alternative to those other run-of-the-mill antibacterial soaps. CleanWell products kill germs without the use of toxic or artificial chemicals, and unlike most other anti-bacterial soaps, CleanWell does not contain alcohol or Triclosan, which has been linked to a number of health concerns. Additionally, they’re free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances and parabens and are readily biodegradable and certified cruelty-free. But the best part is yet to come….*drumroll please*…my toddler can use this hand soap really easily thanks to the fact that it pumps out in a nice foamy lather. His hands are now super clean and his mommy is super happy!

Find It Here: CleanWell (also available at Target stores)

Congratulations to our 10 winners (Phyllis, Dana, Heather, Andrea, Emily, Liz, Jenna, Michelle, Lucy and Juliana) who are each getting a bottle of handwash in their choice of scent!