Hello Eco-Kitty

pet-ecology-perfect-litter.gifLiving in a multi-cat household, I was happy to learn that pet lovers like myself can now choose a biodegradable alternative in cat litter. Awarded “Best of the Best 2008” by the SPCA, Pet Ecology Perfect Litter is up to 70% lighter than regular litter and has a unique enzyme-based system of destroying odors instead of using irritating chemical-based fragrances. Perfect Litter’s key ingredients (vermiculite and perlite) are used in hydroponic gardening and safe enough for use in flower beds. Unlike clay litter, it’s also totally flushable, sewer-friendly and dissolves without impact to plumbing. Additionally, Perfect Litter helps monitor your cat’s urinary tract health and offers an early warning system for FLUTD (a common and potentially fatal disease) by turning different shades of pink as a sign of possible infection. You can join their mail order program or start practicing perfect pet ecology in March, when the company starts selling Perfect Litter in major pet stores.

Find It Here: Perfectlitter.com