Eco with an Edge

gh-skullbag-2t.jpgJust because we’re green doesn’t necessarily mean we all want to carry the same reusable bags, right? Of course not. So for those of you who want a little more edge with your eco-consciousness, Get Hip Get Green brings to the masses this cool and totally NOT girly-mannish reusable black bag with a green skull emblazoned upon it. Unique design aside, there are some other reasons to love Get Hip Get Green’s bags — they’re made from 100% recycled plastic and for each bag sold, Get Hip Get Green will make a donation to the children’s environmental group “The Green Ambassadors.” Very cool, indeed.

Find it Here: Greenloop

Congratulations Stephanie, Monet and Steph, participants in the Eco Moms ACT Eliminate Plastic Bags Challenge for February and random-draw winners of a Greenloop bag!

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