Bag That Booty

lucky-crow-gift-bags.pngWhen I was a kid I remember my grandma unwrapping her gifts very carefully and admonishing us when we didn’t do the same. Why? Because, according to her, if we didn’t mangle the paper too much, then we could reuse it, which we thought was hilarious. These days, however, I totally get it and I’m so glad someone decided to read my mind and come up with a greener gift wrapping alternative. Lucky Crow gift bags are festive, stylish, fun and quite ingenious because hello? No wrapping paper, tissue paper, tape or mad searches for the bleeping scissors required. Their fabric gift bags are, according to Lucky Crow “the easiest and most simple way to wrap a gift. Just pop your gift into the bag, tie a bow and voilà, your gift is ready to be given!” I concur and I’ll take one of those gorgeous organic sets right now, please.

Find it Here: Lucky Crow Gift Bags