Bag That Booty

lucky-crow-gift-bags.pngWhen I was a kid I remember my grandma unwrapping her gifts very carefully and admonishing us when we didn’t do the same. Why? Because, according to her, if we didn’t mangle the paper too much, then we could reuse it, which we thought was hilarious. These days, however, I totally get it and I’m so glad someone decided to read my mind and come up with a greener gift wrapping alternative. Lucky Crow gift bags are festive, stylish, fun and quite ingenious because hello? No wrapping paper, tissue paper, tape or mad searches for the bleeping scissors required. Their fabric gift bags are, according to Lucky Crow “the easiest and most simple way to wrap a gift. Just pop your gift into the bag, tie a bow and voilà, your gift is ready to be given!” I concur and I’ll take one of those gorgeous organic sets right now, please.

Find it Here: Lucky Crow Gift Bags

Healthy Shmealthy

npa-777656.jpgGetting my kids to eat right isn’t easy and the battle usually starts over breakfast. Now that they’re getting older, I realize that sending them off to school on a sugar high may not be the best of compromises so this time I bought them something healthier. Guess what? They liked it even after I showed them the box. But you see, I knew that Nature’s Path organic cereals were great because I already enjoy their Flax Plus Granola and more recently the delicious Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch. Nature’s Path also offers a certified organic line of of kids’ breakfast products and they are committed to eco-friendly packaging for their products. Monday mornings are suddenly looking a whole lot better!

Find It Here: Nature’s Path

Congratulations to Kelli, Jenna, Sarah, Mary and Fan, who have each won two boxes of this cereal!

Cast Iron’s Hot, Teflon’s Not

Cast iron skilletsSince becoming a mom, I’ve grown increasingly concerned over the foods that my family eats as well as the safety of the pots and pans used to cook them. Teflon and other non-stick surfaces are now believed to pose a potential health hazard when used at high temperatures or when the surface has been scratched. Classic cast iron, on the other hand, is a great (and totally non-toxic) option. Not only does it distribute heat better than any other cookware but cooking in cast iron is known to greatly increase one’s dietary iron, of which only 65% of Americans get enough. It’s also naturally non-stick when properly seasoned and, when it’s well cared for, cast iron cookware will last a lifetime and then some.

Find It Here: Lodge

Of Bulbs and Bucks

onebillionbulbslogoHow much money might you save by replacing regular incandescent lightbulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs? The Energy Savings Calculator at One Billion Bulbs will help you find out. You just enter the number of bulbs in your household, their wattage, hours used and your state of residence and voila! The Energy Savings Calculator will then display just how much money you could save on your electric bill for the year by using compact fluorescent bulbs. Motivating people by telling them exactly how much cash they could save is sheer genius! And even if you eschew our consumerist culture, you have to admit having a few extra greenbacks in your pocket is always nice, no? (If you’d like to spread the word, you can get code to place a savings calculator on your blog or web page. Nifty!)

Find it Here: One Billion Bulbs

The Gentle Germ Killer

hand_wash_sampler.jpgKeeping my toddler’s hands clean just got a little easier (and safer) thanks to CleanWell’s foaming hand wash. This non-toxic, non alcohol-based hand wash is a great alternative to those other run-of-the-mill antibacterial soaps. CleanWell products kill germs without the use of toxic or artificial chemicals, and unlike most other anti-bacterial soaps, CleanWell does not contain alcohol or Triclosan, which has been linked to a number of health concerns. Additionally, they’re free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances and parabens and are readily biodegradable and certified cruelty-free. But the best part is yet to come….*drumroll please*…my toddler can use this hand soap really easily thanks to the fact that it pumps out in a nice foamy lather. His hands are now super clean and his mommy is super happy!

Find It Here: CleanWell (also available at Target stores)

Congratulations to our 10 winners (Phyllis, Dana, Heather, Andrea, Emily, Liz, Jenna, Michelle, Lucy and Juliana) who are each getting a bottle of handwash in their choice of scent! 

Pencil These In

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to clean and organize my home office. After sorting through piles of files, shredding old documents and recycling manila folders, I was ready to replenish some office supplies, including pencils. Now, pencils may not seem like a big deal but since gazillions of them are produced every year, well, they kind of are a big deal. This is why Tree Lover Graphite Pencils by ForestChoice are so cool. These eco-friendly #2 graphite pencils are made from FSC certified California-incense cedar which means that the wood casings for these pencils come from forests that are audited for environmental impact, plantation management, and preservation of indigenous people’s rights. Write on!

Find it Here: See Jane Work

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