Where Was This Book When I Was Pregnant?

With my first pregnancy, I thought I was doing great because I only drank organic milk. I had no idea that cleaning my whole house with bleach (nesting…it makes you nuts) was really not such a hot idea. Even during my second pregnancy four years later, with a lot more knowledge under my belt (not that I actually wore any belts), I’m sure there were a number of things I could have done in a safer, more organic way, which is exactly why I wish I’d had The Complete Organic Pregnancy as a reference. As far as I know, there were no books like this at that time. I had that other book that is regarded as the pregnancy bible but in retrospect, it was seriously lacking in this type of information. Even though I have no plans for any future buns in my oven, I’m just really excited that a book like this is available.

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