Say Goodbye to Unwanted Catalogs

120x75-green.jpgThis past holiday season, we got a record number of catalogs in the mail. A little annoying to say the least, especially because I usually chuck them before even looking at them. On the bright side, I got quite a workout going back and forth to the recycle bin to toss them out every day. Nevertheless, I decided it was time to stop the catalog madness so I signed up with Catalog Choice. This fabulous website is free to use and allows you to opt out of receiving catalogs. It was the answer to my prayers. In less than five minutes, I had opted out of several catalogs that I can’t wait to never get again. They will keep your contact information private and if they don’t have a catalog you are looking for, you can suggest it for inclusion. Catalog Choice is a sponsored project of the Ecology Center and is endorsed by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Find It Here: Catalog Choice

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