100% Organic Cotton — Train.

training_pants_organic_cotton_training_pants.jpgNo. Not the choo-choo kind that my toddler can pick up with his supersonic ears at three in the morning; this is the underpants line made entirely of o-cotton for the potty-training set. They’re thick and soft after repeated, repeated washings and they’re cute – even the plain ones.

Most important? After using them for 24 hours a day for several weeks (with a leakproof cover for naps and nighttime), it worked. He’s finished. He wakes up in the mornings dry as soft, organic cotton. And when Imse Vimse invents a gadget that can get up with him in the middle of the night for potty trips, I’ll buy that, too. Because I miss sleep.

Find It Here: Imse Vimse