Are Your Child’s Bath Products Safe?

babyproducts.jpgThere’s nothing scarier than learning that your baby’s bubble bath could contain cancer-causing agents. Thankfully, there’s a new resource that makes it easy to find out whether your children’s body products are safe. The Environmental Working Group just created the Safety Guide to Children’s Personal Care Products. This online guide features safe product recommendations in a number of categories — from shampoo to baby wipes. Virtually, every type of product you might put on your child is analyzed — even play make-up! And since the FDA does not regulate the safety of personal care products, this database is hugely beneficial to concerned parents. I know that I, for one, am heaving a huge sigh of relief!

Find It Here: Safety Guide to Children’s Personal Care Products

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Organic Cotton Velour. ‘Nuff Said.

Winter’s here and it’s about time to take stock of our blanket supply. If you’re in need of a blanket for your little one and want to indulge a little, then check out the Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics line. The blankets are made of 100% certified organic cotton fleece or cotton velour with a silk charmeuse ruffle. And the best part? They’re machine washable.

Find It Here: Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics

Cleaning Little Hands

I’m totally loving this natural hand-sanitizer from CleanWell. Not only does it smell great, but it is non-toxic, safe for kids, and biodegradable. CleanWell uses essential plant oils, rather than alcohol, to kill 99.99% of germs and is the only all-natural antimicrobial that meets EPA and FDA standards for germ-killing efficiency. But the best part? It comes in a spray bottle. So now, instead of carrying wipes with me to the playground, I carry this spray bottle instead. It makes it so easy to clean little hands, and I no longer have wipes littering my backseat. Awesome.

Find It Here: Clean Well (also available at Target)

Sweep Up with a Recycled Broom

00201_hero.jpgWith the holidays around the corner, I’ve been in a crazy, cleaning state of mind. I have a pile of chores that I can’t seem to get done. As luck would have it, my three-year-old used our broom to “chase the bad guys out of his closet” and broke the handle. Instead of buying a plain old wooden replacement, I found this eco-friendly, Precision Angle broom from The Libman Company, which is made from 80% recycled plastic bottles.

Find it Here: The Libman Company (also available at Lowe’s and Target)

It’s Easy Being Green

It's Easy being GreenA handbook for those who want to do more for the environment but don’t want to work really hard at it. This friendly guide offers practical yet simple suggestions that anyone can follow including tips on adopting greener buying habits; finding earth friendly products; cultivating a sustainable environment; participating in online activism and much more.

Find It Here: Amazon

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