A Dish Set That’s Not Plastic. Finally.

frog_set_large.jpgFinding a children’s dish set that’s not made of plastic is no easy chore. I was almost ready to give up my search when I stumbled upon this fun froggy dish set available from lifewithoutplastic.com. Okay, so the outside of this set is made of plastic, but the insides are made of high-quality stainless steel so your child’s food/drink will not touch plastic when using this set. The set comes with a stainless steel fork and spoon, bowl, plate, and cup. All that, plus a cute froggy design – fun!

Find it Here: Life Without Plastic

Congratulations to Bree T. of Washington, winner of the stainless steel dish set!

The Story of Stuff

int-shopper.gifAdmittedly, this website is about stuff. Because, okay, you do need some stuff to survive. And if you have to buy something, it’s better to buy the fair-trade, organic, hand-made variety than the Wal-Mart special. However, to be truly “green” at heart, we should really be finding ways to stop consuming so much. If you’ve ever wondered how Americans got to be so stuff-obsessed and how our buying habits are affecting ourselves, other nations, and our planet, this documentary is a must-see. Watch online for free and then send the link to everyone you know. I guarantee you will be both entertained and inspired.

Find it Here: The Story of Stuff

We Like Our Juice Chemical-Free

Call me crazy but I don’t like the idea of my child ingesting chemicals with his juice or milk. So when I heard that Bisphenol-A is commonly found in plastic sippy cups and baby bottles, I was more than a bit perturbed. Especially since this nasty chemical has been linked to cancer, early-onset puberty, obesity, and Type II diabetes. If you are worried about your child’s exposure to Bisphenol-A, check out BornFree’s line of bottles and toddler cups, which are totally free of this chemical. We use the toddler cup at home and haven’t had any leaks – hooray! And if you want to avoid plastic altogether, BornFree also sells glass bottles.

Find It Here: BornFree

I’ll Have a PB&J. Hold the Lead Please.

Eating lunch shouldn’t be hazardous to your child’s health and now you know it won’t be. Mimi the Sardine offers cloth lunch bags that are made of safety-tested acrylic-coated fabrics that are eco-friendly and made in the USA. That means no toxic lead leaching from the vinyl in your child’s lunchbox. And not only that – the lunch bags are machine washable and come in all sorts of cool-looking prints that your kids are sure to love. The bags are also great for moms who need to carry snacks for their tikes when they’re on the go. I have one myself and love it!

Find It Here: reusablebags.com

Get Your Toy Safety Tested – For Free!

healthytoys_org.jpg With all the recalls happening lately, I often wonder whether I still own toys that aren’t safe. If you have similar concerns, then check out HealthyToys.org. Developed by the non-profit Ecology Center, this site features new safety data for more than 1,000 popular toys. Items were tested for substances such as lead, mercury, PVC, and arsenic. Concerned about something they haven’t tested? Nominate it to be tested for free! Site visitors will then vote on the nominations to help determine testing priority.

Find it Here: HealthyToys.org

(Check out our Green Directory for more helpful resources.)

Cottony Softness

Looking for a really soft sheet for your baby’s crib? Look no further than this crib sheet from Sage Creek. The sheet is naturally whitened and made of organic cotton interlock. I’ve felt this sheet in a local boutique and it really is very soft. It comes with a matching satchel.

Find It Here: Baby Mine Store

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