Eco-Friendlier Paper Straws

What:  Paper Straws

Features: Thick paper straws coated with food-grade wax to protect them from liquid. Yes, these are single-use items but if you are in a situation where you need straws and glass or steel straws are not an option (i.e. parties, large gatherings, house guests) this is a far better option than plastic straws, which are typically non-recyclable.

Green Factor: Biodegradable, compostable and made with food-grade soy inks

Bonus: Made in the USA by Aardvark Straws

Find It Here:  Amazon

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Let’s Party

felt_hat_group.jpgMy son turns three in June, and this year I’m searching for party supplies that will last longer than our 3-hour shindig. One of my fave finds are these felt party hats from Green Party Goods. Designed in Paris, the hats are made in the city of Guangzhou, China. According to Carole Soss, Green Party Goods owner, the hats are made in a workshop where the workers, who are all related to each other, sew and chat together in a positive atmosphere. The workshop does not employ children. What I love most about these party hats is that they can be re-used for make-believe games later on. The skull and cross bones hat would be great for playing “pirate” and the pink one is perfect for princess dress-up! More than party hats, these are really parting gifts that your children’s friends are sure to love long after the party is over.

Find It Here: Green Party Goods

Congratulations to Kristen K., winner of 10 felt party hats and 10 non-toxic sports toys, courtesy of Green Party Goods!

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