Kutti Avatar Tees

What: Kutti Avatar tees for babies, toddlers and kids

Features: Kutti Avatar means “little manifestations” in Tamil and their avatar design tees feature fun, kid-friendly representations of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Green Factor: Tees are made of certified organic ring-spun cotton and phthalate-free, low-impact water based pigments.

Bonus: Kutti Avatar tees are made in compliance with CPSIA standards and child labor/sweatshop-free.

Find It Here: Kutti Avatar

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WIN: Truly Organic Baking

What: Certified organic baking mixes

Features: Truly Organic Baking mixes (muffins, scones, pizza dough, pancakes and banana bread) make baking tasty organic goodies easier than ever. They also offer a wider selection of mixes in club size, for food service and for private labeling. (Editors note: I’ve tried the banana bread mix and it’s delicious!)

Green Factor: All the Truly Organic Baking mixes are certified organic.

Bonus: Truly Organic Baking is a woman-owned and operated business and Women’s Business Enterprise certified.

Find It Here: Truly Organic Baking

Win It: We’ve partnered with Truly Organic Baking to give away 5 boxes of baking mix to one randomly selected winner! Just leave a comment telling us which three baking mixes you’re most interested in and name three places where you can buy Truly Organic Baking products. Giveaway ends at midnight on 09/27/10; $40 value. Open to US residents only. Official Rules. Giveaway has ended. Congrats to Sarah!

Extra Entries: Tweet about this giveaway (be sure to include @greenmomreview in your tweet) and note in a second comment that you tweeted the giveaway to receive an extra entry.

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Organic Brainbow Nesting Arches

nimble-nester-stacking-arches.jpgWhat: Organic Brainbow Nesting Arches

Features: From Little Sapling Toys, a lovely set of stacking arches that are simple in appearance, yet perfect for young, developing minds. Kids can hone their balancing, fine motor and pattern-making skills with this timeless wooden set that can be passed on for generations because hello? NOT made from junky plastic.

Green Factor: Made out of maple, cherry and walnut; the arches are finished with a light beeswax and organic jojoba oil.

Bonus: For every toy sold, Little Sapling Toys plants a tree.

Find It Here: Little Sapling Toys

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Favorite Things: Organic Baby Oil

organic_babyoil.jpgI drink a billion glasses of water a day and live in a very humid climate but regardless, I’ve always had a tendency towards dry skin. That said, I have to depend on external things like lotions and oils to keep my skin looking not dry.

A long time ago, before I knew what baby oil was made from (mineral oil from petroleum—mmm sexy!—and synthetic phthalate-laden fragrance) I used it without a second thought but these days, I try to make more natural choices. I used to love Neutrogena’s sesame oil but again with the scent—it’s just not good to rub synthetic fragrances all over your body’s largest organ as it DOES get absorbed right into your system.

But alas, there are, thankfully, other options, one of which I use faithfully every day to keep from becoming too reptilian (full disclosure—I did receive a review sample of this product a while back). Nature’s Baby Organics makes an organic baby oil with nothing synthetic in it at all. It’s certified organic and comprised of olive oil, jojoba oil , tamanu oil and sunflower oil and naturally scented with mandarin orange and coconut oils. It’s thick and yummy and smells good enough to eat and believe me, if I had a baby, this is the oil I’d use on them, as opposed to that sketchy petroleum-derived stuff you’ll find in every baby products aisle in America.

Find It Here: Nature’s Baby Organics

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yore-minis300.jpgWhat: Yoreganics

Features: The Yore Laundry Trio Sampler from Yoreganics consists of three all-natural, organic laundry products. First up are soap nuts – from the Soapberry tree, native to India and Nepal, the outer shells of the dried fruit berries create a natural soap when agitated in water. Paired with them are two organic stain-removal products – an organic spray to use on fresh stains, and a non-toxic powder, Brightens and Whitens, for marks that are harder to get out

Green Factor: Soap nuts are 100% natural – you won’t find chemicals or toxins in this kind of detergent. Brightens and Whitens is non-toxic, free of chlorine bleach, fragrances or phosphates and is environmentally safe; the stain remover spray is made with USDA certified organic materials.

Bonus: Yoreganics also has a line of bodycare items, as well – check the web site for the rest of their wares!

Find It Here: Yoreganics

Win It: We’ve partnered with Yoreganics to give away a prize package consisting of one Yore Laundry Trio Sampler (includes soap nuts, Brightens and Whitens, Stain Remover) and an organic Simplement flavored lip balm, an organic foaming soap and one organic silky shea facial bar to one lucky winner!

Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter YO05 as the giveaway name and tell us what product is pictured on the Yoreganics home page. Giveaway ends 05/28/10; $28 value. Open to US and Canadian residents. Official Rules

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Naturally Better From Peter Rabbit™

peterrabbit.pngWhat: Naturally Better

Features: From “The World of Beatrix Potter” comes Naturally Better, a line of products that are better for people and planet.

Green Factor: The timeless children’s classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit is back, printed in vegetable-based inks and sporting a fresh new cover design! Peter Rabbit Organic Spring Garden Baby Care Products are made of naturally derived and certified organic ingredients, making them perfect for infants, children and adults with sensitive skin. And for the wee ones, Rattle Sticks are phthalate-free, made of certified organic cotton and packaged in PVC-free materials

Bonus: A line of award-winning, organic, reasonably-priced baby care products? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Find It Here: Peter Rabbit Official Store

Win It: We’ve partnered with Penguin Young Reader’s Club to give away a great prize package: a copy of the newly designed classic, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, a bottle each of Organic Spring Garden Baby Shampoo and Lotion and one Peter Rabbit Rattle Stick! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter PR04 as the giveaway name and identify two of the ‘Main Characters’ listed on the web site. Giveaway ends 04/28/10; $37 value. Open to US residents only. Official Rules. Giveaway has ended.

Also Check Out: Win PicPocket iPhone Books for Kids


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Love This Lovey

teething2.jpgWhat: Dandelion Organic Teething Blanket

Features: The bear on this blanket has knotted appendages and wiggly ears for infants to touch, feel and teethe on; the soft material makes it the perfect bedtime companion (or anytime lovey!)

Green Factor: Made with the good stuff (100% certified organic cotton and natural dyes), not the bad stuff (pesticides and chemicals). Packaged in recycled materials.

Bonus: Baby Green Sprout only chooses products from companies that employ fair-trade and sweatshop-free standards.

Find It Here: Baby Green Sprout

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jumper.jpgWouldn’t it be cool if there was a web site chock full of organic baby wares at wholesale prices? A site where each product has been researched and reviewed, with a wide selection of organic cotton and bamboo items at discount prices? (Basically, a web site that does all of the legwork, and finds the good stuff for you?)

As it happens, there is a site just like that and it’s called Babblebabies and you need to check it out if you’re looking for organic baby products like bedding, clothing and toys at really great prices.

Babblebabies offers unique products from organic brand names like Sckoon, Speesees, Bumkins, Generation Baby and more. The site is informative and easy to navigate, and the products are cute. Very cute. I’m quite taken with the jumpers (like the Speesees one above), and the Sckoon Organic Cotton toys are absolutely adorable—they’d make fantastic gifts and great lovies for little ones.

The folks behind Babblebabies are always looking out for new, organic products, and they want to hear about your favourite green companies. They’ve even got a Facebook page—post a picture of your wee one wearing gear from Babblebabies and receive a $5 discount. So what are you waiting for? Shoo!

Find It Here: Babblebabies

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The Smiling Planet

wonderfullworld3popup.jpgWhen I was a teenager, my mother bought a bumper sticker for our car adorned with a cartoon Earth; across from it was the phrase LOVE YOUR MOTHER in big green letters. I loved that sticker – I thought it was such a clever play on words; a neat way to get such an important message across. I haven’t thought about it in years, but I was reminded of it while poring over the Smiling Planet’s web site earlier this week.

The Smiling Planet is a new green company that makes, among other things, the cutest earth-aware plates and placemats for kids I’ve ever seen. Not only are their plates are made from 100% recycled material, they’re completely recyclable, too. They’re toxin-free, dishwasher safe, stackable and scratch-free, and did I mention they’re really cute? Because they totally are. (They’re also priced right, which, as far as I’m concerned, is a real bonus these days.)

It’s not just plates and placemats that are available – the Smiling Planet boasts posters, books, t-shirts and onesies for children that send earth-friendly messages and are printed with water-based inks. All of the Smiling Planet’s merchandise is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA), and it’s all made in sunny California. The Smiling Planet is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint while celebrating the world and her diversity, and that certainly shows in their (blissfully licensed character-free) designs.

Find It Here: Smiling Planet

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natures-call.jpgBefore we had kids, my husband and I always lit a match after, you know… Post-children, however, we figured it wasn’t all that safe to keep a book of matches lying on the back of the toilet, so I started buying spray air fresheners to mask the smells. Yet the more I used them, the more concerned I became about their toll on the environment. How could I pride myself on reducing my carbon footprint when I was blasting an aerosol can on a daily basis?

Behold: Poo~Pourri Toilet Deodorizers, an organic, environmentally friendly bathroom spray. Their newest spray, Nature’s Call, is a blend of organic oils (including lemongrass, orange and grapefruit) that eliminate odors at the source, which is why it’s used before you go. Basically, the oils work to wipe out the smell before it hits the air, leaving the room with a fresh, clean scent.

Poo~Pourri products comes in a variety of different sizes, including a 5ml tester bottle that would fit nicely in my purse (I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a public restroom, wishing I had something like Poo~Pourri to discreetly hide the fact that last night’s meal wasn’t sitting so well). Each product is 100% green – safe for both the environment and septic tanks – and is outfitted with an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee. So really, there’s no reason for you not to give Poo~Pourri a try!

Find It Here: Poo~Pourri

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Sweet Swaddle Babies

swaddlebaby.pngBecause we know just how nasty and toxic a lot of toys can be, we love to feature natural, organic toys, especially those that are handmade with love by someone who truly cares about what they’re putting out there. Our most recent awesome toy find are Swaddle Babies. Each 9″ Swaddle Baby is crafted by mom Priscilla Rose, with organic cotton knit, natural eco-friendly bamboo fiber filling, and a variety of natural and organic handspun yarns. These sweet dolls are custom designed to your specs and personalized with the child’s name embroidered on the tag. A Swaddle Baby is the kind of toy that a child will love and keep long after all the made-in-China junk is gone. And it’s organic. Did I mention that???

Find It Here: Swaddle Babies

Win It: We’re giving away one custom made Swaddle Baby doll.  Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter SW7 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What are the 8 hair colors available for a Swaddle Baby? Enter by 7/15/09. $40 value. Open to residents in US and Canada. Winner will be notified by email. Contest closed. Congrats to Sherri!

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Organic Sweet Treats

yummy earth vitamin C lollipopsTry as I might to control it, I have a terrible sweet tooth that frankly makes me wonder why haven’t developed Type 2 diabetes yet. In hopes of sparing my children from this curse, I’ve always tried to steer them away from junky, sugar-laden sweets in favor of healthier stuff. Yes, I’m a total hypocrite. Unfortunately, it’s gotten a lot harder since they’ve started school. Every birthday party and holiday is an excuse to sugar the kids up with cupcakes (covered with that nasty bakery icing) and then send them home with a buttload of candy. Suddenly the healthy stuff I’d always given them was more like a punishment than a treat *sigh* Since they’re now fully aware of the appeal of candy, I’ve tried not to make it out to be some forbidden fruit because I know that will backfire. Instead, I let them have it in moderation and only after they’ve eaten something healthy. Searching for not-totally-unhealthy candy, however, has been a bit of a challenge (particularly because it has to peanut-free) but I recently picked up a bag of YummyEarth organic lollipops and it’s the smartest thing I ever did. They taste awesome because they’re sweetened with organic fruit extracts, they’re colored with cool things like organic carrots and pumpkin instead of chemicals, they’re peanut-safe (also gluten, wheat, soy and tree nut-free) and the ones I got have 75% of the daily recommendation of vitamin C. So to recap…I can bribe my kids with give my kids these little YummyEarth lollipops and they’re totally psyched, getting a lot of vitamin C and best of all, NO high fructose corn syrup. Oh, and as a total bonus? They satisfy mommy’s sweet tooth, as well. WIN.

Find It Here: YummyEarth

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