Win: Kids 50+ UPF Organic Cotton Flap Hat

What: Flap Happy Hat

Features: Lightweight and machine-washable, Flap Happy’s Original UPF 50+ Organic Flap Hat for kids and babies provides excellent protection from damaging UV rays. The hat has a large brim to shade the face and the flap covers the ears and neck from the harsh rays of the sun with an elastic band to help fit snugly around the head.

Green Factor: The Flap Happy hat is chemical-free and made from 100% Organic Cotton.

Bonus: Made in the USA!

Find it Here: Flap Happy

Win It: We have partnered with Flap Happy to give away one  Original UPF 50+ Organic Flap Hat for kids

How: Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter FP12 as the giveaway name and tell us five products carried by Flap Happy (other than the Organic Flap hat), all of which can be found on Flap Happy‘s web site.

Extra Entries: To receive an extra entry, tweet about this giveaway (be sure to include @greenmomreview in your tweet) and fill out another entry form letting us know about your tweet (be sure to include YOUR Twitter name).

Giveaway ends at midnight on 5/25/12; $25 value ($17.95 + shipping). Open to residents of US only. Official Rules. 

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GLOB Natural Non-Toxic Paints

What: All natural, non-toxic paint

Features: Water-soluble, botanically crafted paints made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices with natural food-grade ingredients and organic extracts.  Similar to watercolors, GLOB paints can be used for a variety of arts and crafts activities.

Green Factor: Inexplicably, in the US, synthetic pigments that have never been tested for toxicity can be labeled “non-toxic ” simply because there is no data to prove otherwise. GLOB paints are free of the petrochemicals, formaldehyde and heavy metals like lead and cadmium that are found in many so-called “non-toxic” art pigments.

Bonus: GLOB’s annual School Giveaway provides free paints to schools, making safe, green art supplies available for creative programs.

Find It Here: GLOB

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Ella’s Kitchen Organic Smoothie Fruits

What: Fruit blends in a pouch

Features: Crushed fruits with no added water, sugars, concentrates or preservatives and free of dairy and gluten.. They come in a pouch so they can be packed in lunch boxes and diaper bags when you don’t have fresh organic fruit available.

Green Factor: Ella’s Kitchen Organic Smoothie Fruits are made with 100% organic fruits.

Bonus: Smoothie Fruits can also be used for cooking!

Find It Here: Amazon

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Mimi the Sardine Apron

What: Eco-friendly child’s apron from Mimi the Sardine

Features: Swedish-made, acrylic (non-PVC) coated, water-resistant cotton apron for crafts and kitchen fun. Wipe it clean or safely machine-wash.

Green Factor: PVC-free, meets Oeko-Tex 100 standards for safe and environmentally friendly fabrics, free of harsh chemicals and dyes.

Bonus: Made in USA

Find It Here: Oompa Toys

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Lower Your Family’s BPA Exposure by 60%

So, if you’re not familiar with BPA (bisphenol-A) by now, I’ll give you the condensed version…it’s a chemical. It’s found in lots of things like can linings, baby bottles, pacifiers, food containers, receipts, dental sealants and more and it does lots of bad things to your body—BPA has been linked to breast and prostate cancer as well as obesity, early puberty, cardiac disease and lowered sperm counts, even at the low levels. Research indicates it’s best to be avoided, as evidenced by most of the civilized world banning it from baby bottles.

Canada took it a step further and declared it a toxic substance. Yay Canada! Here in America, however, we have a huge chemical lobby that has convinced our government representatives (yes, the ones who are supposed to be representing citizens, not chemical companies) to not ban BPA from baby bottles or anything else.

So, what are we supposed to do?

Read the rest of this entry »

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Rosegarden Palace

What: A cardboard palace

Features: Made of recycled cardboard, this super cool castle comes with non-toxic markers so it can be colored however your child wishes. Approximate size 9″ x 11″.

Green Factor: Well, first and foremost, it’s not plastic! It’s also recyclable, as well as made of recycled materials, non-toxic and lead-free.

Bonus: The Rosegarden Palace can be folded up when it’s not being used!

Find It Here: Creative Toyshop

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Din Din Smart

What: Divided platter for kids

Features: Din Din Smart’s adorably fun divided platter is made of stainless steel and shaped like a super cute school bus. Equally awesome, the five compartments keep food from sliding and mixing. Confession: I dig these so much  that I kind of want one for myself.

Green Factor: These non-toxic platters are BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead-free. Made with high quality food grade 304 stainless steel, they’re durable and can be passed on when your kids outgrow them.

Bonus: Din Din Smart platters are dishwasher safe and stain-resistant.

Find It Here: Innobaby

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Kutti Avatar Tees

What: Kutti Avatar tees for babies, toddlers and kids

Features: Kutti Avatar means “little manifestations” in Tamil and their avatar design tees feature fun, kid-friendly representations of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Green Factor: Tees are made of certified organic ring-spun cotton and phthalate-free, low-impact water based pigments.

Bonus: Kutti Avatar tees are made in compliance with CPSIA standards and child labor/sweatshop-free.

Find It Here: Kutti Avatar

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Think, Baby!

think-baby-bpa-feeding-set.jpgWhat: Think Baby Feeding System

Features: We love these products from Think Baby–colorful, durable cups, bottles and feeding sets for kids of all ages!

Green Factor: Interiors are made of food-grade stainless steel and are free of BPA, melamine, PVC, lead, phthalates and nitrosamines

Bonus: The set comes complete with a spoon and fork and the food containers come with lids; all items are dishwasher safe and the polypropylene shell helps insulate contents.

Find It Here: Think Baby

Win It: We’ve partnered with Think Baby to give away one of their BPA-free feeding sets! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter TB04 as the giveaway name and answer the following: What are three other Think Baby products besides the Feeding System? Enter by 04/23/10. $40 value. Open to US residents only; winner to be notified by email. Official Rules.

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kids-soothing-packs.jpgWhat: Bucky’s Woopsies Kids Soothing Packs

Features: Can be warmed up in the microwave or chilled in the freezer

Green Factor: Made with machine washable bamboo terrycloth and premium whole buckwheat seed filling

Bonus: These creatures, with their bright colors and funny faces, are sure to distract kids from their owies!

Find It Here: Amazon.com

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Little Soles For Little Feet

little-soles2.jpgAs soon as my daughter and son–now six and soon to be four, respectively–started crawling, it became very apparent to me that they were the kinds of kids who were keen on putting everything in their mouths. From soothers and bottles to their fingers, pocket change and whatever happened to be lying on the floor next to them, if it was within arm’s reach, they were going to eat it. I fished more buttons and balls of lint out of their mouths than I care to remember and caught them with their shoes shoved halfway down their throats so many times that I began to wonder if they preferred the taste of their footwear over my homemade baby food.

And when it came to them gnawing on their shoes, I wasn’t so much worried about choking hazards as I was about what they were ingesting. Just what were those shoes made of, and was it safe for my kids to be, well, eating them?

If only I had known about Little Soles, a Calgary-based line of footwear created by Mompreneur Jessica Jacobs in 2005. Not only are Little Soles’ designs durable and totally adorable, they’re 100% non-toxic because, yes, shoes ARE typically toxic. Since subjecting their latest collection, Baby Soles, to thorough testing in order to ensure each shoe was toxin and dye-free, Little Soles has adopted the same method with all of their products, resulting in footwear that’s safe for the Earth—and for children to use as teethers.

Find It Here: Little Soles

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Chains of Fun

weddingchain-w200-h200.jpgWhen I’ve gone to my local party supply store, I was always struck by home much themed, matchy-matchy, character-driven junk they carry, none of which appears to be made from recycled materials or eco-friendly inks. It begs the question…What the hell am I doing in here?  In recent years, I’ve tried to avoid the party store altogether and find more unique and thoughtful ways to celebrate. One really neat thing I recently learned about are Big Day Chains kits; they contain everything you need to make a classic 30-day paper countdown chain in anticipation of a big event such as a birthday or a wedding. You simply assemble the links, which are 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and printed with soy ink and hang it on a wall or from a doorway. You then tear off one link each day as the big day beckons. It’s especially fun for little ones to watch the big day get closer as the chain grows shorter!  For extra fun, the birthday links are printed in full color on one side and on the other side, have outlined birthday shapes ready for kids to color as an added activity. Recycled paper, soy inks and thirty days of old-fashioned countdown excitement makes Big Day Chains so appealing to us that we’d like to share them with one lucky reader! See below for details.

Find It Here: Big Day Chains

Win It: We’re giving away a Big Day Chains kit (winner can choose from the birthday or new baby kit). Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter BDC4 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: To which charity does Big Day Chains donate 5% of their profits? Enter by 4/27/09. $14.95 value.

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