Glassen Insulated Reusable Travel Mug

glassen insulated coffee mugWhat: Grosche Glassen insulated glass travel mug

Features: This 12oz  travel mug is handmade of double-walled glass which helps keep your beverages hot. It has no metal or plastic parts and is a better fit for car drink holders than a standard coffee mug.

Green Factor: It’s made of glass so there is no leaching of chemicals into your beverages and the lid and grip are made of food-safe silicone. Since it’s reusable, you can also forgo the yucky styrofoam poison cups.

Bonus: Right now they’re 40% off at Amazon.com.

Editors Note: I got one of these for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t leak and my coffee stays piping hot!

Find It Here: Amazon


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Reusable Coffee Filters

hempcoffefilter.jpgWhat: Hemp coffee filters

Features: These reusable coffee filters are easy to use—simply rinse clean with water or a bit of soap and let dry between brewing

Green Factor: Think of how many times a year you make a pot of coffee. How many paper coffee filters are you throwing away each year? Using a reusable coffee filter—like these, which are made of all-natural, plastic and chemical-free hemp—means fewer trees are harvested and less waste is produced.

Bonus: Available in two sizes, for less than ten bucks!

Find It Here: Nubius Organics

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Great Green Fundraising

brochure.jpgIf you have school-aged kids, then you’ve probably already experienced the joy of THE FUNDRAISER. Wrapping paper, books, candy, cookie dough and holiday cards are just a few of the typical items sold via school fundraisers and while the money is generally for a good cause (what school doesn’t need more money???) wouldn’t it be awesome if the products sold were organic, fair trade and sustainably-produced so as to help the school and do good in the world? Of course it would and that’s why we’re so psyched about Equal Exchange‘s school fundraising program. Their eco-friendly program offers coffee, tea, powdered cocoa, hot chocolate, chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruit and more and all fundraising materials are printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper. Equal Exchange is a win-win for schools, farmers and the planet. Who could say no to that?!

Find It Here: Equal Exchange

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Get Your Fair-Trade Fix

gmffairtrade.jpgSince 1988 Global Exchange, has taken a stand against exploitive, corporate-based retail and raised awareness about fair-trade activism, as well as environmental, political and social justice. Through their brick and mortar stores, Global Exchange has proven that purchasing from companies that produce fairly traded food and crafts items can be profitable. These same products are now available through their fair-trade online store. By remaining steadfast to their pledge of operating according to socially conscious fair-trade criteria, Global Exchange offers a wide selection of sweatshop free products and staples such as coffee, tea and chocolate can be delivered to your door, as well as various gift baskets, jewelry, books, crafts and clothing. Chocolate? Fair trade? Delivered? YES!!!

Find It Here: Global Exchange

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