AlternaVites for Kids

What: AlternaVites Kids Multivitamin & Mineral Crystals

Features: AlternaVites Kids, with 17 vitamins and minerals, are sugar-free powder crystals that melt in your mouth. They come in two kid-friendly flavors and can be poured straight into your mouth or mixed into yogurts, puddings or smoothies or sprinkled on top of fruit. AlternaVites are an excellent alternative to chalky chewables or gummies that are high in sugar, low in nutrients and can stick to their teeth. For children ages 4 and up.

Green Factor: AlternaVites Kids does not contain artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives or flavors. Made from ingredients that are not derived from animals or animal by-products.

Bonus: Made in the USA. Free of the major food allergens (egg, fish, milk, soy, peanut, shellfish, tree nut, or wheat) and certified Kosher. They also make an adult version of AlternaVites that are excellent for people who have difficulty swallowing pills.

Discount: Enter ‘moms20’ at checkout at www.alternaVites.com to receive 20% off your order.

Find It Here: AlternaVites

Editors Note: My kids LOVE AlternaVites!

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BPA Marketed to Children? Take Action!

In their new report, BPA in Kids’ Canned Foods, the Breast Cancer Fund has discovered BPA in six popular canned foods marketed directly to kids.

BPA, an endocrine-disrupting hormone, leaches from the lining of cans into canned foods and has been found in Elmo, Toy Story and Disney Princess Campbell’s soups, Chef Boyardee products and even in some organic canned foods like Annie’s Homegrown and Earth’s Best Organic.

This is very disturbing when you consider that BPA has been linked to early puberty (as well as breast cancer, obesity, learning disabilities, infertility, and more).

The physical and mental ramifications of early puberty are substantial. Girls who begin puberty at an early age are more likely to experience low self esteem, poor body image, and depression. Physical side effects include an increased risk for breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and elevated blood pressure.

And it’s not just girls who are affected. in 2010 Barack Obama’s President’s Cancer Panel acknowledged the links between BPA and undescended testicles and the penile birth defect hypospadias in newborn boys and infertility and erectile dysfunction in men.

So WHY is this clearly dangerous chemical found in the can liners of foods made for and marketed to children????

I hope you are as outraged as I am and will join us in telling these top canned goods manufacturers to stop marketing the dangerous BPA to our kids.

Let your voice be heard by signing this petition from Momsrising.org and then send a link to friends and family so they can sign it, too!

Learn More: Outrage! BPA is in Canned Foods for Kids, Even Organic


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Organic Children’s Pillows

What: Organic children’s pillows

Features: Kid-sized pillows made from a variety of non-synthetic, organic materials.

Green Factor: Organic pillows are free of toluene, diisocyanate, formaldehyde, PBDEs and petroleum derivatives and some also deter dust mites, making them ideal for allergy-sufferers.

Bonus: Check out The Clean Bedroom’s nursery clearance section for deals on organic bedding products for baby. Also, save 10% by becoming a Facebook fan!

Find It Here: The Clean Bedroom

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Toxic America TONIGHT on CNN!

cnn_toxic_america.jpgOn June 2 and June 3 CNN is airing a two part special with Dr. Sanjay Gupta called “Toxic America“.

Wednesday night covers “Toxic Towns” and will delve into the environmental health and justice problems plaguing the community of Mossville, Louisiana—a sad example of our broken chemical safety system. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lice Logic

lice_logic.jpgWhat: LiceLogic

Features: If you’ve got kids, there’s a fair chance you will eventually have a run in with head lice (if you haven’t already) and the only thing worse than having a case of it in your household are the conventional treatments used to get rid of it. I mean, who wants to dump a bunch of nasty chemicals on their child’s head? Enter LiceLogic and their line of non-toxic products, designed to not only treat head lice, but prevent it as well.

Green Factor: LiceLogic products are enzyme and plant-based, non-toxic and pesticide-free. They’re biodegradable, safe for infants and meet all FDA guidelines

Bonus: Ingredients such as peppermint and lemon mean no nasty chemical smell! And? LiceLogic makes house calls! Check their web site for details

Find It Here: LiceLogic

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A Wake-Up Story

Please take 3 minutes to watch A Wake-Up Story. It’s a must-see for parents, parents-to-be and anyone who cares about the health and well-being of future generations.

Find it Here: Healthy Child, Healthy World

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Think, Baby!

think-baby-bpa-feeding-set.jpgWhat: Think Baby Feeding System

Features: We love these products from Think Baby–colorful, durable cups, bottles and feeding sets for kids of all ages!

Green Factor: Interiors are made of food-grade stainless steel and are free of BPA, melamine, PVC, lead, phthalates and nitrosamines

Bonus: The set comes complete with a spoon and fork and the food containers come with lids; all items are dishwasher safe and the polypropylene shell helps insulate contents.

Find It Here: Think Baby

Win It: We’ve partnered with Think Baby to give away one of their BPA-free feeding sets! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter TB04 as the giveaway name and answer the following: What are three other Think Baby products besides the Feeding System? Enter by 04/23/10. $40 value. Open to US residents only; winner to be notified by email. Official Rules.

Also Check Out: Manny & Simon Wheelie Toy giveaway (ends April 14)

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Kids Healthwatch: Pesticide Exposure

Spending for organic food is worth it when it comes to our children. Their developing bodies are especially vulnerable to toxins found in our food and environment and switching to organic food has an immediate effect on the body. Within 36 hours, pesticides may no longer be detected in a child’s urine. On my website Project Green Girl, I have an article titled “Go Organic” which lists the produce with the highest levels of pesticides. This is a great list to start with and the cost is minimal.

Recent Studies:

  • A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition tested 815 2-year olds, and found those with an organic dairy diet experienced less eczema and wheezing than those consuming non-organic dairy.
  • The BBC reported in 2006 that pesticide exposure from food can cause depression and memory problems.
  • An organic plant-based nutrition program is believed to help ADD sufferers.
  • Pesticide levels in children raise in the winter when more food is imported.
  • Amniotic fluid and breast milk can pass pesticides to the fetus and infant, so the mother should also follow an organic diet.

For more information:

Author Patricia Wooster is the founder of the Project Organic Eating blog, where healthy eating meets affordability! 

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Feelin’ Kinda Sassy

yhst-83333507685311_2017_12525599.gif*See editor’s note below.

Despite the recent FDA’s claims that BPA is safe, we at The Green Mom Review are still huge proponents of BPA-free products. We’re not taking any chances with our children’s health and that includes keeping the endocrine disruptors out of our kids’ bodies. Sorry, BPA – that means you! That said, we are happy to tell you where you can find some really practical children’s feeding products that are BPA-free, kid-friendly and affordable – like these products from Sassy available at The Soft Landing. The Sassy Feeding Plate Set with covers is my absolute favorite for taking the kids on a picnic. They’re a great alternative to bringing disposable paper plates and they come with a snap-on cover, which means you don’t have to worry about taking messy plates home with you. Or step it up a notch with the On the Go Feeding Set (pictured here) which includes several compartments and a lid. The Extra Gentle Soft Tip Spoons are great for the early feeder and the Feeding Bowl Set is nice for toddler snacks or infant feeding. Check out all the Sassy products here, and mix and match for the perfect BPA-free feeding set for your kids!

Find It Here: The Soft Landing

Green Mom Discount! Receive 10% off your purchase at The Soft Landing. Use code GMF808 at checkout!

*Editor’s Note: We recently found out that several feeding products manufactured by Sassy do contain BPA, including some of the products reviewed in this post. Please visit The Soft Landing for more details on which products contain BPA as well as information about how to seek reimbursement if you have purchased any BPA-containing products. Please note that this information was not available to The Green Mom Review at the time of our original post. Thank you to The Soft Landing for keeping everyone informed about this and continuing their committment to BPA-free product sales.

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Let’s Party

felt_hat_group.jpgMy son turns three in June, and this year I’m searching for party supplies that will last longer than our 3-hour shindig. One of my fave finds are these felt party hats from Green Party Goods. Designed in Paris, the hats are made in the city of Guangzhou, China. According to Carole Soss, Green Party Goods owner, the hats are made in a workshop where the workers, who are all related to each other, sew and chat together in a positive atmosphere. The workshop does not employ children. What I love most about these party hats is that they can be re-used for make-believe games later on. The skull and cross bones hat would be great for playing “pirate” and the pink one is perfect for princess dress-up! More than party hats, these are really parting gifts that your children’s friends are sure to love long after the party is over.

Find It Here: Green Party Goods

Congratulations to Kristen K., winner of 10 felt party hats and 10 non-toxic sports toys, courtesy of Green Party Goods!

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Finding Safer Plastics Is Just a Click Away

zrecs.jpgMore and more evidence is emerging about the dangers of bisphenol A to human health. Yet, bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is still commonly found in plastic feeding products, including bottles, sippy cups, and pacifiers to name a few. For parents who are trying to limit their children’s exposure to this dangerous chemical, but aren’t sure which brands are safe, there is now an indispensable resource available – the Z Report on BPA in Children’s Feeding Products, Third Edition. Organized in a directory format, the report provides parents with an analysis of all bottles, cups, breast pumps, pacifiers, utensils, and tableware from more than 45 companies that sell their products in the U.S. For parents concerned about limiting their children’s exposure to BPA, this report is a must-read.

Find It Here: The Z Report on BPA in Children’s Feeding Products, Third Edition

Bonus: Now you can access the Z Report Directory by mobile phone – perfect for those times when you’re at the store and can’t remember which brands are BPA-free. Just text “zrecs” plus a company name and/or a product category to 69866. You’ll get a text back providing BPA status.

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California Bubbles

yhst-83878190403399_1983_13376460.gifRecently, my daughter had asked about bubbles for the bath but there was no way I was bringing Mr. Bubble or his ilk into the house! Luckily I found California Baby Bubble Bath. Made with organic and sustainably-grown ingredients, it’s special non-drying, non-irritating, tear-free, biodegradable formula contains mild vegetable-derived bubbling agents and NO synthetic fragrances, Sodium lauryl sulfate or DEA. It is also free of any sort of nut oils, gluten, soy, oat or dairy, so the chance of allergic reactions is very, very slim. California Baby Bubble Bath comes in seven varieties and all bottles come with a bubble wand so kids (and grown-ups) can blow bubbles, as well as play in them.

Find it Here: California Baby

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