Eco-Friendlier Paper Straws

What:  Paper Straws

Features: Thick paper straws coated with food-grade wax to protect them from liquid. Yes, these are single-use items but if you are in a situation where you need straws and glass or steel straws are not an option (i.e. parties, large gatherings, house guests) this is a far better option than plastic straws, which are typically non-recyclable.

Green Factor: Biodegradable, compostable and made with food-grade soy inks

Bonus: Made in the USA by Aardvark Straws

Find It Here:  Amazon

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Sun Chips Compostable Bags Scrapped

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, Frito-Lay is pulling the biodegradable, compostable Sun Chips bag  they recently debuted because people complained that it’s “too noisy”.

Yes—people took the time to make viral videos “poking fun” at the new bags and lodged “fierce complaints” on social-networking sites about the noisier packaging and in response to the complaints and a drop in sales, Frito-Lay decided to scrap, (for all but one flavor), the groundbreaking bag  that used a polymer made from renewable plants rather than petroleum.

What does it say about Americans’ priorities that we are more concerned about the crinkly sound of a Sun Chips bag than keeping bags that will be here for hundreds of years out of the waste stream?

To be fair, the bags ARE noisy but not so much that it deters me from buying the product. In any case, there’s hope for noisy compostable snack bags, as evidenced by the quieter, more paper-like bag used by Boulder Canyon products which is made from wood pulp instead of corn starch.

In related news, I watched Trash Inc: The Secret Life of Garbage last night on CNBC. I recommend everyone watch it and see what happens to your trash after it leaves your curb.

Find It Here: The Wall Street Journal

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Greener Diapering

nature_babycare_diapers.JPGWhat: Nature Babycare disposable diapers

Features: Earth friendly, award winning, high performance disposable diapers.

Green Factor: Nature Babycare diapers are made from chlorine-free absorbent materials and they contain no plastic, latex, fragrance or TBT (tributyl tin). They feature a 100% natural, biodegradable back sheet and come packaged in 100% compostable consumer packaging. The top seller on the ‘green diaper’ market, they’re competitively priced with conventional diapers.

Bonus: ecomom offers free shipping on orders of $75 and more within the US. Check their web site for details

Find It Here: ecomom

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Win a $3k Natural Memory Foam Mattress!

logo.jpgEssentia, an eco-friendly mattress company, is giving away a most awesome Energie Opus queen size natural memory foam mattress worth over $3400.

This mattress is very special because…

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Write Green!

papermate1.jpgWhat: Biodegradable pens and pencils

Features: From Paper Mate comes a line of pens and mechanical pencils that are almost completely biodegradable and compostable. While the refill and grip are not yet biodegradable, the outer casing, which makes up the majority of the instrument, breaks down in about a year.

Green Factor: Comes in plastic-free, all paper packaging. Made from corn-based materials and plant-derived sugar. Click here to see how they break down – it’s neat!

Bonus: These pens and pencils are refillable and thus reusable, too!

Find It Here: Paper Mate

Win It: We’ve partnered with Paper Mate to give away $25 worth of biodegradable pens and pencils to one lucky winner!

Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter PM05 as the giveaway name and tell us the four colors the biodegradable pens come in! Giveaway ends 05/12/10; $25 value. Open to US residents only. Official Rules. Giveaway closed.

On our Blog: The Pollution INSIDE Your Home

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Sun Chips in Compostable Bags


What: Sun Chips in greener packaging

Features: Did you know that the small bags of Sun Chips are now packaged in a completely biodegradable bag? Each 10.5 oz bag will fully break down in about 14 weeks when composted.

Green Factor: In addition to creating compostable packaging, Sun Chips has started using solar power as opposed to fossil fuels in their Modesto, CA plant

Bonus: Less packaging guilt! Also, you can watch how the new Sun Chips bag decomposes here—it’s pretty neat.

Find It Here: Sun Chips

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Coffee in the Corn

mug-iheartpublic-med.jpgWhat: 100% corn plastic mug

Features: Yes, you read correctly–this 10.5oz mug is made out of 100% corn, grown and manufactured right here in America

Green Factors: Features lead-free ink and no BPA whatsoever. It’s also microwave-safe, biodegradable and can be composted, as well.

Bonus: Because it’s corn plastic, this mug won’t break when if you drop it

Find It Here: BuyOlympia

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Bum Boosa Bamboo Wipes

bg.jpgWhat: Baby wipes made from bamboo fiber

Features:  Natural ingredients, scented with non-toxic, all-natural essential oils with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

Green Factor: Bamboo is highly renewable and sustainable, wipes are 100% biodegradable. Bum Boosa is also a signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

Bonus:  Bum Boosa plants a tree for each package of 80 count wipes sold. Trees are also planted to offset 100% of their carbon emissions.

Find It Here: Bum Boosa

Win It: We’ve partnered with Bum Boosa to give away three 80 count packs of Bum Boosa bamboo baby wipes and one container of Bum Boosa bamboo diaper rash ointment. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter BB11 as the giveaway name and name one of the ingredients in Bum Boosa wipes (besides bamboo!) Enter by 11/27/09. $25 value. Open to residents of US and Canada. Winner to be notified by email. Contest Closed.

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Favorite Things: Pop!CornWare Utensils

PopCornWareEvery day I pack my kids’ lunches (yep…even in the summer) and every day they need a spoon. Well, I learned a long time ago that sending them with silverware was a bit of a crap shoot. It might make it home. It might not. And that right there? Is why I love Pop!CornWare utensils. It’s like the plastic stuff in that it’s disposable but it’s NOT plastic. Nope. It’s actually made from corn and it’s totally biodegradable, non-toxic and petroleum free. You can just use it and pitch it (or lose it) and not feel one iota of plastic guilt. But this is where Pop!CornWare gets even better. We DON’T just use it and pitch it. We use it, wash it in the dishwasher, and use it again. And again. And again. It’s true. I got my package of Pop!CornWare probably 4-6 months ago and I took 4 spoons out to use and have been using them ever since in my kids lunchboxes. Now how they can lose silverware but manage to hang onto a Pop!CornWare spoon is one of life’s great mysteries but whatever… They’re green. They last. They rule!

Find It Here: 3 Green Moms

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Rough, Tough and Green

brush.gifAround my place, we eat a lot of veggies—especially carrots and potatoes, which means a lot of scrubbing and cleaning of said vegetables. Thankfully, we found the Tampico scrub/vegetable brush by the good people at GreenBoatStuff.com. (This family-owned company has a range of green products, with particular emphasis on boating and watersports, and proudly asserts its Earth-friendly nature in its name.) What I adore most about this rough brush, though, is not that it makes vegetable-cleaning a hundred times easier and quicker than, say, a toothbrush, though it really does; not its great price (a steal at $3.25 plus shipping); and not the health factor of having well-cleaned versus inadequately cleaned veggies. I love the green denominator best: It’s plastic-free and constructed to be as biodegradable as possible, even if it were to accidentally make its way into the marine ecosystem! The bristles are made of Tampico fiber, which is a vegetable fiber from a plant indigenous to Mexico, and the handle is of finished hardwood. A few of the other great things about Tampico are its capacity to store and release water, its resistance to heat and oils, and its abrasiveness, which makes it ideal for other applications on and off the boat and around the house. Although not the sleekest, most fashion-forward brush (but who needs form when you’ve got oodles of function?), it more than gets the job done—sans chemicals!

Find It Here: GreenBoatStuff.com

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No More Plastic Hangers, EVERRR!

wheatware.jpgFirst there were wire hangers. Then came the plastic hangers. And now? We have wheat hangers. No, seriously. They’re called Wheatwear and they’re made mostly from wheat. Though they do contain a small percentage of plastic, the great thing about them is that they are biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic. Now, we’re not recommending that you go throw out all your plastic hangers and replace them with these because that wouldn’t be very green, now would it? But if you do need to buy new hangers, you now have another option. And? They’ve got those coveted little notches to hold spaghetti strap tops and dresses, too, which is always nice for the ladies. Hangers have never been so exciting! Someone pinch me!

Find It Here: Wheatware

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Got Trash? Leaves? Doggie Poop?

biobags.jpgWhen you’re hauling your trash to the curb, do you ever find yourself feeling lousy about sending yet another totally not-biodegradable-ever bag to the landfill? Yeah, me too. But now we don’t have to because BioBag has developed an alternative to the standard polyethylene/polypropylene plastic bags most of us use. You see, BioBag products are 100% biodegradable, compostible and “shelf stable.” This means you don’t have to worry that BioBags will start to break down before you use them or while you’re using them. In fact, they don’t actually decompose until they are introduced to the earth’s elements or micro-organisms in the soil. Oh, and for all you considerate poop scoopers out there, they make biodegradable dog waste bags, too, which means you no longer have to use those not-so-green plastic bags from the grocery store. Bow WOW!

Find It Here: BioBag

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