Eco-Friendly Breast Milk Storage Bags

What: Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags

Features:  Durable, extra thick, leakproof milk storage bottles with a double zipper and ridged bottom to prevent spills

Green Factor:  BPA-free, phthalate-free, oxo-biodegradable and recyclable!

Bonus:  Honeysuckle also makes storage bags made to work with Ameda and Medela breast pumps

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Hidden Dangers in Your Baby’s Nursery

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A Green Nursery on a Budget

We all want a safe haven for our babies and giving them an eco-friendly space of their own is surely at the top of any green mom’s list BUT…we all know green can also cost a lot of green.

Fortunately, with a little creativity, perseverance and time, you can give your bundle of joy safe, eco-friendly accommodations without spending a fortune and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to get started!

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Toxic Chemicals in Child Car Seats

On Wednesday, August 3, the nonprofit Ecology Center will be releasing it’s fourth report on toxic chemicals in children’s car seats at HealthyStuff.org. Research shows that many of these products are made with dangerous chemicals that can pose serious health risks for children.

Chemicals tested for include bromine (associated with brominated flame retardants), chlorine (indicating the presence of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC and plasticizers), lead, and heavy metal allergens. Such chemicals have been linked to major health problems such as liver, thyroid and developmental problems in children. Babies are the most vulnerable population in terms of exposure to chemical-laden dust and inhaling toxic fumes, since their systems are still developing.

The Ecology Center tested over 150 infant, convertible and booster car seats (including brands such as Graco, Fisher Price, Britax, Evenflo, Peg Perego and more) and found that while some are virtually free of the most dangerous chemicals, others are saturated. To sample the car seats they used a portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) device, which identifies the elemental composition of any material in less than 60 seconds.

Be sure to check HealthyStuff.org on August 3rd for this critical safety information.

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Big Sale at Pure & Little!

Pure and Little, purveyors of organic baby and toddler gear are having a SITEWIDE 50% off sale. It runs from March 24th through 26th so remember to pop on over there this Thursday, Friday or Saturday for some great organic bargains. And if you have any baby showers coming up, this is a great time to score a fabulous gift for the mama-to-be!

Find It Here: Pure and Little

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Funky Countertop Drying Rack


What: Grass Drying Rack

Features: A modern twist on a kitchen staple, this funky two-piece countertop drying rack was built with mothers in mind, as it’s great for air drying baby gear (bottles, soothers, teething toys, etc.). Objects big and small stand upright and dry atop the flexible faux grass blades while water drips down to a tray below AND it’s easy to clean—both the grass and its tray are dishwasher safe

Green Factor: BPA, phthalate and PVC-free

Bonus: Free shipping on orders of $75 or more at Sprout Baby!

Find It Here: Sprout Baby

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Love This Lovey

teething2.jpgWhat: Dandelion Organic Teething Blanket

Features: The bear on this blanket has knotted appendages and wiggly ears for infants to touch, feel and teethe on; the soft material makes it the perfect bedtime companion (or anytime lovey!)

Green Factor: Made with the good stuff (100% certified organic cotton and natural dyes), not the bad stuff (pesticides and chemicals). Packaged in recycled materials.

Bonus: Baby Green Sprout only chooses products from companies that employ fair-trade and sweatshop-free standards.

Find It Here: Baby Green Sprout

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One Small Change for Babykind

One Small Change Changing Pad and ToteChanging diapers on the go? I’m not a fan—but if you have to do it, it might as well be done on top of something organic and non-toxic and if it’s pretty and portable, so much the better (back when I didn’t know any better, I had this lovely vinyl *cringe* portable changing pad). We like the One Small Change changing station/tote from JourneyLight. It’s made of organic cotton, hemp and low-impact dyes, has compostable cornstarch foam padding, a non-toxic water resistant finish plus handy pockets and a shoulder strap—completely cool (with nary a bunny, ducky or teddy bear in sight) and totally uncringeworthy!

Find It Here:  JourneyLight

Win It:  We’re giving away a One Small Change portable changing station/tote. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter OS5 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: JourneyLight products are certified by ___? Enter by 5/11/09. $65 value. Contest closed. Congrats to Amanda!

Deal: Use the promo code “GreenMom” to get 25% off your JourneyLight order plus free shipping!

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Little Stitches for Little Ones

28443665.JPG My newfound desire to learn how to sew has launched me on a mission to find projects that will inspire me to actually sew. Yes, you see for me, wanting to sew and actually finding the time to learn to sew (while looking after a toddler and a preschooler) are distinctly different things. All of which is to say that I must find projects that are 1) pretty easy to make and 2) SO insanely cute that I will actually squeeze the time in somehow to make them. Lucky for me, I have 20 new reasons to get out the sewing machine – all of which can be found in Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones, an awesomely inspiring compilation of 20 sewing projects for baby and mom. From booties to baby bags, the projects in this book are so adorable you will be wishing you had 5 extra hours a day to try them out. Top on my must-make list? The baby kimono-style PJs. And after that, definitely the keepsake brag book (for the grandparents) and the cuddle kitty toy for my next baby shower gift. In addition to loving the precious, heirloom-worthy projects in this book, I also appreciate the fact that the book is spiral bound, which makes it easy to utilize, and that Amy has included a difficulty level (1-4) for each project. The other cool feature of this book is the fabric reference guide, which includes the name of each Amy Butler fabric used to create the pictured project. If you can’t tell already, I cannot wait to get started on a project from this book. Now, if I could just find a book to show me how to come up with those five extra hours a day…

Find It Here: Amazon.com

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You’ll Be Drooling Over These Wipes

dscn04680.jpgBaby drool. It’s just a fact of life when you’ve got a child under the age of six months. And let’s be honest, your baby’s drool isn’t really that yucky. In fact, it’s kind of cute—because everything about your baby is cute, right? And yet, regardless of how absolutely precious your baby’s drool is, it’s still great to have something to wipe it up with—preferably something reusable and preferably something soft. That’s where Lauren Faye Baby’s wipes come in pretty darn handy.  In your mind, try to picture fabric that’s a cross between the softness of cotton candy and a super fluffy cotton ball. Turn that into a cloth wipe for baby and you’ve got Lauren Faye Baby wipes. Made in Texas of minky dot fabric on the front and 100% cotton terry cloth on the back, we think they’re especially great as an alternative to using disposable wipes during diaper changes.

Find It Here: Lauren Faye Baby

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Little Green Riding Hood

poncho1.jpgIt may only be September but cooler weather is just around the corner for a lot of folks and this sweet, hooded, red poncho, made of 100% certified organic cotton fleece and low-impact dyes, is perfect for those chilly fall mornings and evenings. Easy on and easy off, this gem is not only eco-friendly but also socially responsible as it’s crafted in association with a rural poverty program for women sponsored by World Bank. Little Red Riding Hood’s gone green, baby!

[via BabooBaby]

Find It Here: Kee-Ka

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Raising Baby Green

raisingbabygreenRunning along the same lines as Healthy Child, Healthy World, Alan Greene’s Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care covers everything from the time of conception to when your little one arrives and beyond. It offers tips on how to be green through several areas: The Womb, Labor and Delivery, the Nursery, the Kitchen, the Bathroom, the Garden and the Whole House. Other helpful tips include which plastics are safer, questions to ask when choosing a non-hospital birthing center, statistics on differences between home and hospital births, the effects of medicated vs. non-medicated birth and much more. At the back of the book, there is an excellent list of green resources: books, websites, organizations, etc., as well as a section that is termed as “Green Information”, a supplement to each of the chapters. As a gift for green-minded parents, this book rocks — and you can rest assured that it will still be around and used as a reference long after those receiving blankets and onesies are but a distant memory.

Find It Here: Raising Baby Green

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