If you have a product, a resource, or a service that you think would appeal to our green-minded readers, please keep reading to help determine if your product is right for The Green Mom Review.

How We Choose Our Featured Finds…

We choose them based on three simple criteria:

1) Is it something that is highly unlikely to cause our kids or ourselves to be harmed?

2) Is it kinder to the Earth than, say, a plastic water bottle?

3) Is it fabulous in an eco kinda way?*

*This one is totally subjective, but trust us, we know fabulous when we see it. And just to be clear, we DON’T mean the rhinestone-encrusted-pacifiers kind of fabulous.

What We Won’t Feature…
Useless crappydoodles that serve no real purpose and obviously, anything that directly threatens the health of us, our kids, the planet and those adorable polar bears.

Will We Feature Your Submission?
Maybe. We make no promises or guarantees but you definitely have a sporting chance if your submission meets the above criteria and an even better chance if you send us chocolate. Ha! Kidding. We can’t be bribed. But we do like chocolate, especially if it’s fair-trade, organic chocolate. And were you to send us some, we would have to eat it because, well, we don’t believe in waste. Waste bad. Chocolate good.

We Will Contact You…
If we are interested in featuring your product or service but we cannot, in good conscience, make any promises as to what we will or won’t feature. Also, we would love to give feedback on everything that is sent to us but there is just no way we can personally respond to such a large volume of email and/or sample submissions and remain sane.

If You’ve Considered Our Criteria and Still Want To Send Us a Sample…
Sending a sample does not insure that we will feature your product. We do, however, like to try certain things out before we will consider featuring them, particularly in the area of edibles, personal care and cleaning products..

Just so you know, we don’t return samples and we do reserve the right to retain them for possible promotional usage at a later date. In other words… If you want your sample back, you really shouldn’t send it.

Also, please do not send us items to give away as we do not ship our sponsored prizes and giveaways are often scheduled weeks or months in advance.

Our Readers Are….
Moms, dads, and parents-to-be with a passion for keeping the earth and their children safe and healthy. Our readers primarily come from the U.S. and Canada, but also come from as far away as New Zealand, Israel and Norway.