Solar Battery Charger

What: Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger

Features: This charger uses solar power to re-charge up to 11 NIMH or NiCad (D, C, AA and AAA) rechargeable batteries.

Green Factor: Rechargeable batteries can be used over and over and using a solar-powered charger is a greener choice than a standard charger—no electricity is used or required!

Bonus: Living in hurricane country, my family is well-acquainted with the issues that come with being out of power for extended periods of time—being able to recharge all those batteries we depend on when the power is down (and not likely to come back on for days) is a huge bonus!

Find It Here: Amazon.com (qualifies for free shipping!)

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Cool Craft: Cell Phone Charging Holder

Make a stylish cell phone holder to stash your cell phone and cord while charging your phone — from a LOTION BOTTLE. I love this idea because it keeps those annoying cords out of your way and you’ll be upcycling a plastic container into something useful!

Get the instructions at Make It and Love It

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The Bamboo 3 Pod

What: Bamboo device charging station

Features: The Bamboo 3 Pod has three built-in slots to hold your cell phone, PDA, mp3 player or camera. The sliding front door allows you to conceal a 10″ or smaller power strip (not included) and all the charging cords in one area so you can avoid ugly cord spaghetti messes.

Green Factor: Made of sustainable, renewable bamboo. Also, using a power strip means there is only one thing to turn off when you’re not charging. Why turn it off? Because chargers are energy vampires that continue to draw power even when they’re not hooked up to anything!

Bonus: Can also be wall-mounted (drywall screws are included). We think it would make a great Father’s Day gift for the digital dad in your life!

Find It Here: Great Useful Stuff

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NextWorth at Target

What: NextWorth electronics trade-in program

Features: NextWorth is a program based out of Target retail stores where you can trade-in your old electronics & media (cell phones, iPods, game consoles, cameras & more) for a Target gift card. There are currently over 165 stores offering the program with more stores being added each week. Find a Store

Green Factor: NextWorth resells the devices and media  it buys from consumers, which helps to keep toxic electronics out of the wastestream and protects our air and groundwater.

Bonus: Get a quote for your item(s) right now

Find It Here: NextWorth

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A Year’s Worth of Green

What: 365 Ways to Live Green: Your Everyday Guide to Saving the Environment book

Features: Is being more green one of your New Year’s resolutions? Not sure where to start? This book might be just what you need to get the year started off on the eco-friendliest foot possible! It also comes in an electronic version so you can download it to an e-reader and save a few trees.

Green Factor: It gives you a year’s worth of ways to live green every day!

Bonus: If you have an iPhone, there is a 365 Ways to Live Green app. Check it out here!

There is also a similar book just for kids (by a different author), 365 Ways to Live Green for Kids: Saving the Environment at Home, School, or at Play–Every Day!

Find It Here: Amazon.com

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Kill A Watt EZ

What: Kill A WattEZ

Features: Kill A WattEZ shows you what appliances really cost to operate and which ones cost you the most! Simply connect an appliance to the Kill A WattEZ and the large LCD display will count consumption by the kilowatt-hour just like your local utility.

Green Factor: Once you know precisely how much things cost to operate, you’re less inclined to waste electricity, which is good for your wallet AND the planet.

Bonus: Kill A WattEZ lets you calculates cost and forecasts by week, month and year.

Find It Here: Amazon

Win It: We’re giving away one Kill A WattEZ to one randomly selected winner! Just leave a comment telling us which of your home appliances you’re most interested in testing and why. Giveaway ends at midnight on 12/20/10; $60 value. Open to residents of the continental US only. Official Rules

Extra Entries: Tweet about this giveaway (be sure to include @greenmomreview in your tweet) and note in a second comment that you tweeted the giveaway (include your Twitter name) to receive an extra entry.

This giveaway is sponsored by Geothermal Genius. Geothermal heat delivers a 400% efficiency rating and can lower your bill up to 70%.

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Giiv = Easy and Awesome

What: Giiv

Features: Enables you to give someone a gift (like a gift card) via text message or email. It’s GENIUS!

Green Factor: Think of how many plastic gift cards are purchased each year—millions! That’s a LOT of plastic. Giiv cuts out the plastic and just leaves the gift with no waiting, shipping or mailing—it really couldn’t be easier or greener!

Bonus: You can use Giiv to donate to charities OR even regift a Giiv gift!

Find It Here: Giiv

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The Zero Charger

zero-charger.jpgWhat: The Zero Charger from AT&T

Features: A charger that is compatible with a variety of small USB devices such as cell phones (excluding Nokia models), iPods, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, cameras and portable gaming devices

Green Factor: The Zero Charger is the first wall-based charger that turns itself OFF when not in use so you don’t have phantom energy-sucking going on when it’s plugged into your electrical outlet but not being used.

Bonus: For a limited time, you can get the Zero Charger for a whopping 40% off !!!

Find It Here:  AT&T

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Keeping Wires Under Wraps

wrapwrap_oak.jpgWhat: WrapWrap

Features: Finally, a solution for the annoying, yet necessary, cables that come with our beloved gadgets. Use the WrapWrap to keep wires from cell phone and iPod chargers, headphones and small USB cables discreetly contained.

Green Factor:
This ingenious little device was created out of salvaged wood scraps from furniture manufacturers. Available in walnut and oak finish.

Want to buy a WrapWrap as a gift? Have it delivered to you, already gift-wrapped, for an extra buck!

Find It Here: Merchant_4

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Great Green Gift for Father’s Day!

weather-radio.jpgWhat: Weather Radio by Etón

Features: Stuck on a Father’s Day gift this year? The Solarlink FR600 Weather Radio is about fifteen different things all rolled in to one. It’s a radio (tunes in to AM/FM and Shortwave frequencies, as well as all seven NOAA weather bands) and a USB charger (perfect for phones or small devices). It’s got a built-in flashlight, siren and a headphone jack; its digital display (including a 12-hour clock with an alarm, sleep timer and snooze button) is illuminated by an LED backlight.

Green Factor: Charging the FR600 is easy – not only is it outfitted with solar panels, it’s got a hand crank, too! (Can also be charged by using a rechargeable battery pack or a with an AC adapter)

Bonus: For each Red Cross product purchased, The Etón Corporation donates .49-$1.00 of the sale price to support The American Red Cross. Also…it’s NOT another tie :)

Find It Here: Etón

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Pic These Pockets!

iphonepapagattocover.pngWhat: PicPocket Books

Features: Have you ever wished you could put your kids’ favorite books on your iPhone or iTouch? Guess what? There’s an app for that! With the PicPocket app, kids can read, listen to and look at a variety of stories, right in the palm of their hands

Green Factor: The green factor is obvious – books as applications means less paper usage – but the Convenience Factor is through the roof! Having kids’ books available at your fingertips in places like waiting rooms and long car rides? Brilliant!

Bonus: Check PicPocket’s website for a complete listing of all available titles

Find It Here: PicPocket Books

Win It:  We’ve partnered with PicPocket to give away seven iPhone picture book titles to one randomly selected winner! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter PP04 as the giveaway name and identify two titles available for purchase from the web site. Giveaway ends 04/23/10; $28 value. Winner to redeem titles in the US iTunes app store and will be notified by email. Official Rules. Giveaway has ended.

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Charged Up


What: USB rechargeable batteries

Features: The numbers are staggering—over fifteen billion batteries are tossed into the trash each year, yet now more than ever, batteries are in demand. From Moxia Energy comes a forward-thinking solution: USBCELLs, batteries that can be charged via a USB port, allowing you to recharge virtually anywhere, without having to rely on a portable charger. Currently available are AA’s, with triple A’s, 9V and cell phone batteries on the way

Green Factor: With proper use, USBCELLs can be charged several hundred times before losing capacity, saving you money and reducing your household waste output! Batteries are sent back to the company (free of charge if you’re in the UK!) for recycling

Bonus: Check their web site – it’s packed with information on the batteries, their various uses, how to recycle them and much more.

Find It Here: USBCELL

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