The Bamboo 3 Pod

What: Bamboo device charging station

Features: The Bamboo 3 Pod has three built-in slots to hold your cell phone, PDA, mp3 player or camera. The sliding front door allows you to conceal a 10″ or smaller power strip (not included) and all the charging cords in one area so you can avoid ugly cord spaghetti messes.

Green Factor: Made of sustainable, renewable bamboo. Also, using a power strip means there is only one thing to turn off when you’re not charging. Why turn it off? Because chargers are energy vampires that continue to draw power even when they’re not hooked up to anything!

Bonus: Can also be wall-mounted (drywall screws are included). We think it would make a great Father’s Day gift for the digital dad in your life!

Find It Here: Great Useful Stuff

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REMAKE IT! Magazine Envelopes

What: Envelope making kit

Features: This nifty kit contains everything you need to remake scrap paper such as magazine pages, sheet music, maps, posters, comic books and more into mailable works of art in the form of envelopes.

Green Factor: You recycle paper you already have into fun, creative envelopes instead of using brand new ones!

Bonus: Kit comes with 2 envelope templates, a greeting card template, stickers and mailing labels.

Find It Here: Karma Kiss

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The Bye Bye Handy Shredder

What: Hand cranked paper shredder

Features: Paper shredder that uses people power to shred your sensitive documents.

Green Factor: Doesn’t need electricity, which I consider a big bonus because, in my experience, most electronic things die one day after their warranty period ends anyway. See also: Better for environment.

Bonus: It’s slim, easy to store and no ugly, annoying cord.

Find It Here: A+R Store

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Back to School: Staple-Free Stapler


What: Staple-free stapler

Features: This ingenious little tool stitches (up to five) pieces of paper together, eliminating the need for staples on packets containing five or less sheets. It’s cute, safe for smaller hands and it means that the days of having to pick staples out of page corners before recycling (or shredding) are over!

Green Factor: The staple-free stapler never needs to be refilled, makes paper recycling a bit easier.

Bonus: Greenraising offers eco-friendly fundraising items–check out their website for more information.

Find It Here: Greenraising

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The Eco Cup

reusable-coffee-cup.pngWhat: 16 oz. reusable coffee cup

Features: Made of double-walled porcelain to keep beverages hot and has a matching silicone sleeve to keep hands cool and a silicone lid.

Green Factor: Bringing your own cup to your favorite coffee place or to work can keep a LOT of nasty styrofoam cups out of the waste stream and save trees by eliminating use of paper cups and sleeves and silicone features are non-toxic.

Bonus: They come in three cool graphic patterns and they’re reasonably priced.

Find It Here: Amazon.com

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Paper Sleeves Over Plastic Boxes

cd-sleeves.jpgWhat: Paper CD holders

Features: Instead of plastic jewel cases, store loose CD’s in these paper sleeves, made from recycled chip board

Green Factor: Each sleeve is 100% recycled, made up of 56% post-consumer content and is processed chlorine-free

Bonus: A pack of five sleeves costs less than $5!

Find It Here: BuyGreen

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Paper Culture

Paper CultureWhat: Paper Culture modern announcements, cards, stationary and more.

Features: Exclusive announcements, invitations, cards and stationary personalized just for you! With inspiration taken from brands like Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs, each Paper Culture design is fresh and unique, printed on high-quality card stock and backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Green Factor: Paper Culture’s entire catalog is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper that was produced using wind power. Envelopes and packaging are made from recycled material, and best of all? Paper Culture plants a tree for every order they receive!

Bonus: Save time & headaches by using their Mail & Message service–you cover the postage and leave the rest to Paper Culture. They’ll address, stamp and mail your cards on your behalf! Wow! Check their web site for more details.

Find It Here: Paper Culture

Win It: We’ve partnered with Paper Culture to give away THREE $25 voucher codes for the Paper Culture web site to THREE lucky winners!

Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter PC05 as the giveaway name and name two ‘Life Events’ that Paper Culture creates designs for. Giveaway ends 05/31/10; $25 value. Open to US residents only. Official Rules

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Write Green!

papermate1.jpgWhat: Biodegradable pens and pencils

Features: From Paper Mate comes a line of pens and mechanical pencils that are almost completely biodegradable and compostable. While the refill and grip are not yet biodegradable, the outer casing, which makes up the majority of the instrument, breaks down in about a year.

Green Factor: Comes in plastic-free, all paper packaging. Made from corn-based materials and plant-derived sugar. Click here to see how they break down – it’s neat!

Bonus: These pens and pencils are refillable and thus reusable, too!

Find It Here: Paper Mate

Win It: We’ve partnered with Paper Mate to give away $25 worth of biodegradable pens and pencils to one lucky winner!

Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter PM05 as the giveaway name and tell us the four colors the biodegradable pens come in! Giveaway ends 05/12/10; $25 value. Open to US residents only. Official Rules. Giveaway closed.

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Charged Up


What: USB rechargeable batteries

Features: The numbers are staggering—over fifteen billion batteries are tossed into the trash each year, yet now more than ever, batteries are in demand. From Moxia Energy comes a forward-thinking solution: USBCELLs, batteries that can be charged via a USB port, allowing you to recharge virtually anywhere, without having to rely on a portable charger. Currently available are AA’s, with triple A’s, 9V and cell phone batteries on the way

Green Factor: With proper use, USBCELLs can be charged several hundred times before losing capacity, saving you money and reducing your household waste output! Batteries are sent back to the company (free of charge if you’re in the UK!) for recycling

Bonus: Check their web site – it’s packed with information on the batteries, their various uses, how to recycle them and much more.

Find It Here: USBCELL

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Paper Loop


What: Paper Loop Greeting Cards

Features: L.A.-based Paper Loop is an eco-friendly, wholesale stationary company that offers up a variety of fun and funky greeting cards for all occasions

Green Factor: Using recycled paper and envelopes, biodegradable sleeves, wind-powered printing and domestic suppliers are ways this company keeps it green

Bonus: Can be found in the US, Canada, the UK, Chile and Japan; will ship via buyer’s preference

Find It Here: Paper Loop

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Green That Swag

wood-usbpreview.jpgRemember floppy disks? Yeah, the plastic ones that stored about a megabyte of data… These days, we have nifty USB drives to store data and about a thousand times more of it, which is cool, but how about USB drives made from something a bit more natural than say, plastic? Earthimprints takes a greener approach by offering them in walnut, maple, bamboo and redwood finishes. These pocket-sized drives are great not only for consumers, but for businesses, too. They’re an item that computer users either rely on now or will eventually need. With that in mind, they’d make great (read: useful) promotional items—I mean does anyone really need another keychain? Instead of giving away a bunch of plastic junk, entice potential clients & customers with non-plastic 1, 2, 4 and 8gb USB drives they’ll not only appreciate, but will actually use, too.

Find It Here: earthimprints

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A Bright Idea: Safer CFL Bulbs

greencfl.jpgI remember when compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) hit the shelves a few years ago. Despite their  high price tag I thought they were a fabulous idea (longer lasting, better for the environment, etc.), but when I found out that they contained small amounts of mercury, I began to wonder if using CFL’s was the most responsible choice for me to make, for both the environment and my family.

But here’s a bright idea: Clear-Lite, a small company in Florida, is introducing a new, environmentally friendly light bulb this summer called ArmorLite. What’s so great about these bulbs, you ask? Well, they help reduce glare, allowing consumers to see more clearly but even better, they just so happen to prevent mercury from becoming airborne if one breaks.

Each ArmorLite bulb is covered with an unbreakable silicone skin that prevents the mercury inside the bulb (and teeny, tiny little shards of glass) from spreading upon impact, making them safer to use and dispose of. The bulbs have a smaller amount of mercury than regular CFL’s and are also made with a mercury amalgam – the same stuff that dentists use for fillings.

Of course, they last longer than regular bulbs and qualify for the Energy Star program, as well, so while you’re seeing more clearly and not poisoning anyone with mercury, you’re also saving money and energy. WIN!

Find It Here: Clear-Lite 56xjsh79uq

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