Great Green Gift for Father’s Day!

weather-radio.jpgWhat: Weather Radio by Etón

Features: Stuck on a Father’s Day gift this year? The Solarlink FR600 Weather Radio is about fifteen different things all rolled in to one. It’s a radio (tunes in to AM/FM and Shortwave frequencies, as well as all seven NOAA weather bands) and a USB charger (perfect for phones or small devices). It’s got a built-in flashlight, siren and a headphone jack; its digital display (including a 12-hour clock with an alarm, sleep timer and snooze button) is illuminated by an LED backlight.

Green Factor: Charging the FR600 is easy – not only is it outfitted with solar panels, it’s got a hand crank, too! (Can also be charged by using a rechargeable battery pack or a with an AC adapter)

Bonus: For each Red Cross product purchased, The Etón Corporation donates .49-$1.00 of the sale price to support The American Red Cross. Also…it’s NOT another tie :)

Find It Here: Etón

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Where Have All the Boys Gone?

• Sperm counts worldwide have been cut in half over the past 50 years and up to 85% of sperm is abnormal.

• Testicular cancer has doubled in the past 20 years and more and more cases of genital deformities in male newborns have been documented.

• And most troubling, significantly fewer males are being born.

The Disappearing Male is a disturbing look at how the chemical revolution has begun to affect the human race.

PLEASE watch and forward the link to your friends and family and particularly, people who are trying to conceive.

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Better Than a Singing Fish

MiEssence logoWe don’t feature a lot of green stuff for the men here on The Green Mom Review. I’m not really sure why that is but I suppose it’s because we’re not men and what the heck do we know about guy stuff like power tools and beer and remote controls and cars? Do they even make green power tools and remote controls? Hell if I know… But Father’s Day is coming up yet again and we figure most men shave and most shaving stuff is toxic crap (no, really—it is) so why don’t we feature some yummy, non-toxic, organic, pamper-him-with-the-good-stuff shaving products. Hey, it’s better than neckties AGAIN or heaven forbid, a Billy Bass singing fish plaque. So anyway, I got my own husband to try  MiEssence shaving gel and after shave balm and while he’s not one of those metrosexual types that’s all IN to his  personal care and hygiene regimen, he really liked the MiEssence and I like it because I know he’s not introducing all kinds of toxic junk straight into his freshly shaven skin. Father’s Day is settled! He’s getting more MiEssence!  And just so you know, because only the best for my man—MiEssence products are pretty much the gold standard in USDA certified organic personal care products and are also guaranteed to be of organic food grade standard—meaning they are safe enough to go IN to your body, as well as go ON your body—not that you should eat them. But you could. Just sayin :)

Find It Here: Grand Strand Organics

Win It: We’re giving away a bottle of MiEssence Shaving Gel and a bottle of MiEssence After Shave Balm. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter MI6 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What are three other MiEssence products you’d like to try? Enter by 6/24/09. $48 value. Open to residents of US and Canada. Winner will be notified by email.

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