A Green Nursery on a Budget

We all want a safe haven for our babies and giving them an eco-friendly space of their own is surely at the top of any green mom’s list BUT…we all know green can also cost a lot of green.

Fortunately, with a little creativity, perseverance and time, you can give your bundle of joy safe, eco-friendly accommodations without spending a fortune and I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to get started!

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Way Basics Table & Chair Set

way-basics-table-setWhat: Children’s table and chairs (comes in white and multi-colors)

Features: Sustainably made from zBoard recycled paper, each piece is sturdy yet super lightweight—62% lighter than particleboard furniture. It’s also water resistant and sets up in minutes without tools (looking at you, IKEA!)

Green Factor: Unlike particleboard, which is what most commonly available non-plastic children’s table sets are made of, zBoard is toxin, VOC and formaldehyde-free and uses environmentally friendly and recyclable water-based glues so there is no chemical outgassing in your home.

Additionally, zBoards are made almost entirely (99%) from post-consumer recycled paper and do not consume additional trees and the enormous amounts of water needed to make virgin paper. Way’s zBoard furniture is 100% recyclable

Bonus: Way is a carbon neutral company and a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. In addition to table sets, they make really cool bookshelves and modular cube storage systems.

Find It Here: Buy directly from Way Basics or buy from Amazon and get free shipping when you spend over $25

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Giving Pillows

What: Pillow covers

Features: 18″ square pillow covers decorated with embroidered artwork and positive social/eco-conscious designs and messages. They come in 13 different designs.

Green Factor: Pillow covers are Oeko-Tex certified and made of 100% organic cotton.

Bonus: When you purchase a Giving Pillow cover, PB Teen will donate $5 to the charity associated with that pillow such as St. Judes Children’s Hospital, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, DoSomething.org and others. Some select pillows will have a tree planted by Trees for the Future.

Find It Here: Pottery Barn Teen

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Win a $3k Natural Memory Foam Mattress!

logo.jpgEssentia, an eco-friendly mattress company, is giving away a most awesome Energie Opus queen size natural memory foam mattress worth over $3400.

This mattress is very special because…

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It’s NOT Your Mother’s Patio Furniture

hdpe2.jpgReason # 386 why recycling is a good thing: outdoor furniture that’s can last a lifetime and? It’s made out of recycled water bottles and plastic containers.

It’s called HDPE (High Density Polyethlene) furniture, and it’s taking the outdoor market by storm. This isn’t your mother’s patio furniture. HDPE is extremely durable–it can withstand the harshest elements without rusting, cracking, splitting or peeling. There’s a huge selection that includes single pieces, entire collections and outdoor accessories, and unlike other more traditional patio sets, this furniture is available in a variety of FUN colors.

And if that sounds good, then check this out: HDPE furniture is super easy to maintain. A quick wipe with a wet cloth or a spray with the hose keeps it clean, and thanks to its rockin’ durability, HDPE furniture holds its own all year round, without having to be covered or stored.

Why waste your hard-earned greenbacks on wimpy, flimsy outdoor furniture that’s only going to wind up in a landfill when you can have HDPE furniture that will last, while soothing your conscience with the knowledge that it’s durable, as well as recycled?

Find It Here: Premium Poly Patios

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Harmonious Decor

vivaterramessages.jpgThere’s nothing wrong with spelling out your love for the Earth and VivaTerra, which means “living earth,” has found a way to do that by offering a wide range of products that reflect the company’s passion for a healthier life and earth. They offer sustainable handcrafted pieces by artisans, organic gourmet items, natural holiday pieces, and unique kitchen decor. One of our favorite selections? The Misprint Messages pictured here. Celebrate family togetherness year-round by displaying an invite to eat and drink on your kitchen or dining room wall.  VivaTerra adheres to a strict criteria when choosing products to sell—products must be natural and organic, functional, eco-sound, distinctive and beautiful. Cheers to that!

Find it Here: VivaTerra Misprint Messages

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Your Baby Never Slept Better

picture-035.jpgWhen creating a green nursery, your baby’s crib mattress is one item you might not want to skimp on. According to the Healthy Child website, toxic chemicals such as PVC, phthalates, polyurethane foam, and fire retardants are often found in crib mattresses. If you’re looking to reduce your child’s exposure to some of these harsh chemicals, then look no further than the Coco Mat Organic Crib Mattress from Natural Mat. Handmade in England, The Coco Mat is filled with organic coir made from sustainably sourced coconut husks coated with natural latex and then wrapped in lambswool. Try repeating that five times fast! Phew! This 100% organic mattress is high quality and completely free of glues, bonding agents, chemicals, plastics and PVC. Plus, all Natural Mat mattresses are naturally fire retardant (details here) and they source their raw materials from 100% renewable and sustainable sources that adhere to fair-trade policies. Wow! There are so many great features about these mattresses, it’s hard to stop gabbing about them! Just one more thing bears mentioning – my 15-month-old sleeps on his Coco Mat like…well, like a baby…and his smile every morning is testimony that Coco Mat isn’t just a safer mattress, it’s a comfortable one too. Now, if only they’d make it in Queen size!

Find It Here: Goore’s

Deal!  Receive 10% off any Natural Mat order from Goore’s using code gmfnm.

P. S. If your child has allergies or asthma, then check out the Latex Mat from Natural Mat, which is also chemical-free but hypoallergenic as well. Natural Mat also has organic cotton and flannel crib bedding and handmade mattress pads of wonderful quality.

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Furniture or Art? It’s Both!

il_430xn24370479.jpgAh, Etsy, what did I ever do without you? That’s what I’ve been thinking lately because I’m literally finding the coolest stuff there all the time—like this recycled kids’ furniture. Made in the Miami design district by owner/designer Jennifer Sanchez, each piece is re-vamped and then hand-painted with low to no VOC paints. The result? A one-of-a-kind usable piece of furniture that is also a work of art! Also check out her lovely mugs, plates and bowls, which are hand-painted with non-toxic and food safe paints and glazes. A good cup of tea or coffee really deserves a mug like this. Don’t you agree?

Find It Here: Jen-n-Ale

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