Great Green Gift for Father’s Day!

weather-radio.jpgWhat: Weather Radio by Etón

Features: Stuck on a Father’s Day gift this year? The Solarlink FR600 Weather Radio is about fifteen different things all rolled in to one. It’s a radio (tunes in to AM/FM and Shortwave frequencies, as well as all seven NOAA weather bands) and a USB charger (perfect for phones or small devices). It’s got a built-in flashlight, siren and a headphone jack; its digital display (including a 12-hour clock with an alarm, sleep timer and snooze button) is illuminated by an LED backlight.

Green Factor: Charging the FR600 is easy – not only is it outfitted with solar panels, it’s got a hand crank, too! (Can also be charged by using a rechargeable battery pack or a with an AC adapter)

Bonus: For each Red Cross product purchased, The Etón Corporation donates .49-$1.00 of the sale price to support The American Red Cross. Also…it’s NOT another tie :)

Find It Here: Etón

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Hook, Line and Sinker

logo.pngWhile I don’t really fish anymore, I used to go fishing ALL the time as a kid. I’d frequently fish in the lake by my house with my friends and my family fished down in the Florida Keys at least once a month for years and years. So now that I’ve proven that I know a thing or two about fishing, let me show you how ignorant I am by admitting that since I no longer fish, I’ve never once thought about the possibility of earth-friendly fishing gear. Well, as it happens, green fishing gear DOES exist and it’s a good thing because a lot of fishing tackle still contains toxic lead or is made from non-biodegradable materials such as plastic. Obviously, lead is a danger because, well, it’s LEAD and all the non-biodegradeable junk being left behind in the oceans and waterways is not just pollution—it’s also deadly to wildlife. Fortunately, companies like Green Tackle are tackling the problem—they carry, among other things, lead free weights, all sorts of biodegradable bait and lures and most awesomely awesome, fishing line that will biodegrade instead of hanging around for the next eleventeen hundred years further damaging our fragile ecosystem. Pssst…keep Green Tackle in mind at Christmas time when shopping for your favorite fishing fanatic.

Find It Here: Green Tackle

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Better Than a Singing Fish

MiEssence logoWe don’t feature a lot of green stuff for the men here on The Green Mom Review. I’m not really sure why that is but I suppose it’s because we’re not men and what the heck do we know about guy stuff like power tools and beer and remote controls and cars? Do they even make green power tools and remote controls? Hell if I know… But Father’s Day is coming up yet again and we figure most men shave and most shaving stuff is toxic crap (no, really—it is) so why don’t we feature some yummy, non-toxic, organic, pamper-him-with-the-good-stuff shaving products. Hey, it’s better than neckties AGAIN or heaven forbid, a Billy Bass singing fish plaque. So anyway, I got my own husband to try  MiEssence shaving gel and after shave balm and while he’s not one of those metrosexual types that’s all IN to his  personal care and hygiene regimen, he really liked the MiEssence and I like it because I know he’s not introducing all kinds of toxic junk straight into his freshly shaven skin. Father’s Day is settled! He’s getting more MiEssence!  And just so you know, because only the best for my man—MiEssence products are pretty much the gold standard in USDA certified organic personal care products and are also guaranteed to be of organic food grade standard—meaning they are safe enough to go IN to your body, as well as go ON your body—not that you should eat them. But you could. Just sayin :)

Find It Here: Grand Strand Organics

Win It: We’re giving away a bottle of MiEssence Shaving Gel and a bottle of MiEssence After Shave Balm. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter MI6 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What are three other MiEssence products you’d like to try? Enter by 6/24/09. $48 value. Open to residents of US and Canada. Winner will be notified by email.

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For the Bookworm Dad

sticker.jpgLooking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? If your father (or husband) is a book-lover, then check out the Eco-Libris Green Books Guide for Father’s Day. If you haven’t heard about them yet, Eco-Libris is an awesome company that helps people (like you and I!) balance out the paper waste of the books that we buy by planting trees. For just $5, they will plant 5 trees for you and send you an Eco-Libris sticker that says “one tree was planted for this book” for the sleeve of each book. Given their commitment to sustainable reading, it is no wonder that Eco-Libris has come up with a great list of book recommendations for people looking to give a book this Father’s Day. Whether your dad (or huz) is a green novice or a green guru, whether he’s into green home renovations, green parenting, or even green business strategies, they’ve got a book recommendation for almost any dad.

Find It Here: Eco-Libris Green Books Guide for Father’s Day

Take Action: Get a Sticker/Plant a Tree!

Congratulations to Terrie B., winner of 20 Eco-Libris stickers – the equivalent of planting 20 trees! 

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    A Tree-Free Father’s Day

    tree-free-journal.jpgEveryone has a story, yes? It is a journey of many thoughts and dreams, intermingled with the relationships that help us to grow, and keeping a journal, or diary is a great way to help keep our busy lives in perspective. Yes, even Dad. This is an eco-friendly daily journal that’s totally tree-free and made from 100% recycled cotton rags and remnants. Inside, the acid-free cotton paper is generously heavy and yet finely textured for his writing pleasure. It’s also considered a sustainably-made product because it uses enviro-friendly materials, is manufactured and transported responsibly, the packaging is produced using organic farming practices and a portion of the proceeds are donated. Now that? Is a truly green Father’s Day gift!

    Find It Here: OrganicStyle

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    triple_side.jpgReplacing blades for my husband’s razor was as expensive as filling the tank — well, until *that* started costing as much as our monthly grocery bill. I decided to nip it in the bud the other day when I discovered this super new recycled-materials razor by Preserve (they also make those awesome recycled toothbrushes). It’s far less expensive for the replacement blades, and you can use the packaging to return the razor handle for recycling (postage prepaid!) when it’s time to send it to razor handle heaven. The husband is pretty pleased — he’s loving it en tandem with this shaving oil — and I’m pretty pleased because hair removal and eco-cool and wallet-friendly all in one shot? What’s not to love?

    Find It Here: Preserve Everyday

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    Haven’t I Seen You Somewhere Before?

    wallet.jpgCheck out this bad-ass wallet — made from old truck tires and tractor inner tubes, there’s definitely nothing wimpy about it. Additionally, for those who forego animal products or don’t dig the highly toxic process used to tan leather, it’s leather-free and thankfully, 100% free of nasty plastic leather (AKA “pleather”), too. It would make a great gift for the vegan guy in your life or for a teenager who’s going through that “I hate everything conventional” phase that completely rules out shopping at any mall or department store. Best of all, though, is that it’s made of recycled materials and keeping stuff out of landfills. That alone is reason for me to buy one for my son, who will be able to use it in about, ohhhh, twelve years.

    Find It Here: BTCElements

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    One for the Boys

    040607_spa_bcol3_10astandard.jpgAdmittedly, I don’t know much about face shaving because, obviously, I don’t have manly facial hair. (Yes, I know about those two weird, wiry chin hairs that I sprouted after having kids and they totally don’t count, k?) But my husband does have manly facial hair and it’s crossed my mind on numerous occasions that putting a chemical-filled foam on his face and then shaving, which opens up pores, cannot possibly be good for him. Luckily, I found All Natural Shaving Oil™ by Pacific Shaving Company and it’s a fabulous alternative to shaving cream. Made of essential oils, All Natural Shaving Oil™ provides a consistently smooth shave, practically eliminating razor burn and nicks, plus it allows you to actually see where you’re shaving, all with no foamy mess to clean up. The 1/2 oz bottle provides up to 100 shaves and environmentally speaking, it’s totally superior because it can be recycled, unlike those big old aerosol cans. And if all that weren’t enough to send the menfolk into a I-must-have-this-right-now frenzy, Pacific Shaving Company plants a tree for every bottle purchased!

    Find it Here: Pacific Shaving Company

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