Weekly Green Round-Up

Walmart Knows What’s Best for Us Green Moms. Right? by OrganicMania — Lynn shares her thoughts on the Walmart Sustainability Index, which they are putting together with NO consumer input. (This makes me feel all kinds of stabby, particularly as one of our ad networks, despite past objections, has been running Walmart ads this week on our site.)

Bottled Water is Best by Crunchy Chicken — Bottled water isn’t nearly as bad as you might think and Deanna will tell you exactly why… It’s awesome satire with a sly side of sarcasm.

Cast Iron Cookware by Big Green Purse — Diane discusses alternatives to toxic PFOA (i.e. Teflon) non-stick pans. I personally use cast iron and love it.

Reviewing ‘The Story of Stuff’ by Enviromom — In this post, Renee reminds me of a fantastic short film—The Story of Stuff is twenty minutes of awesome that I promise you won’t regret watching.

Why Bother by Crunchy Domestic Goddess — CDG discusses a NY Times article by author Michael Pollan about reasons to NOT give up and throw in the towel in fighting climate change.

On Our Blog:  Bite on This: More Grocery Store Secrets

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Weekly Green Round-Up

Minimal Mercury Marinated Tuna by Small Footprint Family — Like tuna but hate those pesky high mercury levels? Dawn highlights some sources for tuna with much lower levels of mercury and as a bonus, shares a recipe.

Will Your Kid Be Carrying a Pesticide (Triclosan) in His School Supplies? by The Smart Mama — Jennifer illuminates an issue that has been chapping my proverbial butt for a while now… Microban is in/on lunch boxes as well as a ton of other school-related items and it’s not good stuff.

Color My Driveway: Cornstarch Sidewalk Paint by Pink and Green Mama — This homemade sidewalk paint, made with ingredients you can probably already find in your own kitchen, is so cool that I wish I’d thought of it first.

Do I Make You Uncomfortable? by Heather’s Homemaking — Do you ever wonder if your commitment to the environment makes your less-green friends uncomfortable?

How to Clean a Toilet by Oooh Baby Green Living and Parenting — J. Claire teaches you how to clean your toilet the green way.

Cleaning Out Plato’s Reusable Closet with a Stylish Texas Teen by Greenopolis — Consignment stores can help fatten up a teen’s wardrobe at a fraction of mall prices. And? It’s much greener than buying new.

On Our Blog:  Back to School at the Thrift Store

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New Green Blood at TGMR

images.jpgI’m happy to announce we have two new writers joining us at The Green Mom Review. You have probably already read a few posts by Katherine, a former journalist who hails from the great white north (that’s Canada for those of you who didn’t watch Strange Brew obsessively in high school). I’m totally psyched that she will be regularly contributing to our feature posts and bringing a touch of class to the joint.

Also new is a column by Miss Britt, a mom from Florida who will be regaling us monthly with her humorous thoughts, observations and stories about trying to go green. You can read Miss Britt’s inaugural column over on our blog—be sure to give her some comment love!

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Why I Never Use My Reusable Bags

Miss BrittI want to be greener.

I do.

Wait. Is ‘greener’ the proper term? More green? Less black? More eco-friendly? Less of a suffocating drain on the planet I live in and burden on my fellow man around me? Whatever. Greener.

I want to be greener.

And in some ways that comes very naturally for me. I am frugal by nature and nurture. The idea of waste kills me — whether it’s time, money, or an open slot on my shoe rack. I cannot stomach the idea of using more of anything than I have to. So when it comes to not wasting more resources than necessary, I am — or at least I should be — a pro.

So why, then, is it so hard for me to remember to bring my reusable grocery bags to the store with me?

I love using them. I love that I can fit an entire week’s worth of groceries into six reusable bags instead of twenty plastic bags. I love that this means less trips from the car to the house for my husband. I love that it is actually easier to carry heavy loads in a well constructed reusable bag than it is in those dang plastic bags that cut into your fingers if there is more than a bag of string cheese in them. I love that I no longer have an overflowing “plastic bag” bin in my laundry room — because there really are only so many things you can do with plastic Wal-Mart bags and my creativity cannot compete with my consumption. But mostly, I love how elitist and socially conscious I feel when the sixteen year old check out clerk comments on my pretty, pretty reusable bags.

Clearly, I care about the environment. Read the rest of this entry »

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July Great Green Post Awards

We started the Great Green Post Awards so that readers could give props to the writers of posts on green topics that they found particularly inspiring, informative or just plain GREAT.

If you would like to give an award for a great green post next month, please use this form to send us your submission.

Thanks to all who submitted for the July 2009 GGP Awards!

Cicily awards  Baby Eco Trends

Madonna Cramer awards Sweet Greens

Leslie Grant awards Cooking for Monkeys

Lisa Frack awards Environmental Health News

Mrs. Green awards My Green Side

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Weekly Green Round-Up

Is there an Environmentally Friendly Form of Birth Control? by Dirty Diaper Laundry — Kim examines some popular methods of birth control to see if any of them can be called green.

What’s on My Food? — Holy poison potatoes, Batman! This site makes me 1) glad that we eat a lot of organic food and 2) upset that it can’t all be organic. I hope every person who has ever tried to argue with me about organic foods will look up their fave foods on this site. I promise I won’t gloat.

Remembering My Mom’s Lessons About Waste from No-Impact Man — We could learn a thing or two from the Japanese.

Pushing Your Way to Greener Grass : Environmentally-Friendly Reel Mowers from Crunchy Domestic Goddess — A closer look at the benefits of lawn mowers that run on people-power.  My husband totally wants one.

 The Revolution Will Not Be (Petrochemically) Fertilized by The Green Fork — Kerry sounds off about kitchen illiteracy and general ignorance about the food we eat and the possibility of an alternative food system.

Also… It’s That Time Again!

No, it’s not time to change your oil, or get your teeth cleaned or visit your in-laws. It’s something way better—the July Great Green Post Awards! The deadline is July 8th so shake a tailfeather and submit your info here!

And if you don’t know what the Great Green Post awards are, please read this so you can participate, too :)

One lucky submitter will win their choice of a reusable shopping bag OR three coupons for free HAPPYBABY Fresh Frozen Organic Baby Meals!

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Tempting Tiny Taste Buds

tinytastebudsjpg.jpgWe’ve featured amazing blenders that help you puree homemade baby food. We’ve featured little BPA-free containers in which to freeze your homemade baby food. And now? We’re featuring an e-book series to help you really kick ass at making that homemade baby food. You may not need help with the basics because cooking and pureeing squash? Not so hard—but how about advice on when and how to start your baby on solids? How about nutrition information? How about advice for dealing with feeding problems? Tips for spotting and avoiding allergies and/or digestive problems? Feeding your baby while traveling? Recipes for homemade finger foods? Recipes for special occasions? And of course, tons of recipes for baby food that doesn’t taste like the flavorless, vacuum-sealed, months old gunk from a jar? Christine Albury, mother of five and the author of Tempting Tiny Tastebuds pretty much covers it all and because we know a lot of our readers are DIY types who like to make their own baby food, we’ve partnered with Christine Albury to give away FIVE sets of her three e-books—Tempting Tiny Tastebuds, The Homemade Baby Food Recipes Annual – 2009 (More In Depth Nutrition Information, Tips and Recipes) and Best of Blog (The best articles and recipes from Christine Albury’s blog).

Find It Here: Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Win It: We’re giving away five sets of Christine Albury’s three e-books. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter BF6 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What are three types of recipes found on Christine’s web site? Enter by 6/30/09. $17 value for each set of e-books. Open to residents worldwide. Winner will be notified by email. Contest closed. Congrats to all five winners!

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June Great Green Post Awards

We started the Great Green Post Awards so that readers could give props to the writers of posts on green topics that they found particularly inspiring, informative or just plain GREAT.

If you would like to give an award for a great green post next month, please use this form to send us your submission.

Thanks to all who submitted for the June 2009 GGP Awards!

Pure Mothers awards Fake Plastic Fish

Erica Mueller of Green-Parents awards Brenda Priddy of Green-Parents

Mommy Melee awards The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Retro Housewife Goes Green and Non-Toxic Kids award The Smart Mama

Kate Pinnick awards Nena Baker of The Huffington Post

Lisa Frack of Enviroblog awards Elaine Shannon of Enviroblog

The Clothesline awards Green Baby Guide

Lori of Green Gigs awards Red Raven Circling

Heather of Earth Promise awards Adam of Earth Promise

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Weekly Green Round-Up

Time to Organize Your Garage Greenly by Best of Mother Earth

Can We Talk About Cutting Boards? — Enviromom ponders cutting board options.

Babies’ Foreskins Used to Make Cosmetics. Is This Ethical? by Crunchy Domestic Goddess — I’m going to say NO! What do you think?

5 Global Warming Facts: Learn About the Causes and Effects by Sustainablog — Info on some causes of global warming that you may not be aware of. Hint: It’s not just cars and coal-fired power plants…

How One Less Diaper Can Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by The Green Parent — Interesting post about gradually reducing your diaper usage through elimination communication and usage of cloth diapers instead of disposables.

Going Green: What is Organic? by Green Mama’s Pad — a short primer on organics.

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Introducing The GGP Awards!

megaphoneblue.pngI read a lot of green blogs and I’m always so impressed with how much great writing is out there so I thought it would be cool if every month we could all give an award to the writer of a post that we really liked, found inspiring, learned something from etc—you know…really GREAT green posts! And so The Great Green Post Award was born. July’s recipients can be found here.

Here’s how it works:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Weekly Green Round-Up

Investing in Quality by Enviromom — Buying stuff that lasts really is greener.

Even If It Didn’t Matter, Why Would Anyone Choose To Litter? by The Good Human

Summer Green Guide: Insect Repellents Buying Guide by The Green Guide — Got skeeters? This guide will help you choose the safest, most effective repellents.

The Dirt on Dryer Sheets by Mother Nature Network — Could something that smells so good really be bad for you?

Living Green Expo 2009 by Mindful Momma — A green mom’s take on the Living Green Expo 2009.

Homemade Yogurt (vegan yogurt too!) by Green Me — Did you know you can make yogurt in your crock pot?

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Like a Book But Way Better

liveonless.jpgIf someone said they could tell you how to live on less money while still being green, I’m betting you’d stop and listen, right? I know I would, particularly after I’ve been grocery shopping, which always makes me wince. How about saving energy or growing your own food? Enter Mother Earth News and their quarterly bookazines. Each one is filled with a ton of useful information on a specific topic. I like to think of it as Mother Earth News’ way of saving me endless hours of research by giving me everything I need to know in one handy volume. They have bookazines on growing your own food, home energy savings, living on less and more. And? We like their bookazines SO MUCH that we’ve arranged for one lucky reader to win our favorite — the Mother Earth News Guide to Living on Less and Loving It!

Find It Here: Mother Earth News

Win It: We’re giving away one copy of the Mother Earth News Guide to Living on Less and Loving It. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter GLL5 as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What are the names of the seven newsletters you can sign up for on motherearthnews.com? Enter by 5/21/09. $7 value. Contest Closed. Congrats to NFMGirl!

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